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₹1 Crore Fraud to an Elderly by Social Engineering Cyber Fraud Technique

₹1 Crore lost by an Elderly as Social Engineering Introduced in Cyber Fraud Techniques

The technology and the companies are going forward to secure their various IT infrastructures by employing numerous methodologies of Social Engineering techniques in doing Cyber...

Hacker in jail

A 28 Year Ukrainian Hacker has been Sentenced to 4 Years of Imprisonment for Selling Credentials of Hacked servers!

It is common on the dark web to sell illegal items, services, and sensitive data. A Case came into view in which the U.S. Government...


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In Haryana, between the ages of 19 – 45, 43.24% fell victim to cyberattack in 2022–2023

The research showed that even 16.53 % of teens (aged 14 to 18) were victims of cybercrime. Cyber fraud caused 36.31 % of people up...

Cyberattack on SAS Airlines Results in $175,000 Ransom Demand

As the cyber intruders raised the ransom, the airline's website and mobile application were unavailable for one day. Following a hack on Wednesday, Scandinavian Airlines...

PyPI Admins held user signup & package uploads: Know Why?

The Python Package Index (PyPI) admins have suspended the signup & package submission for a short period of time. The managers stop access to features...

Doctor in Delhi lost 4.5 cr in the Worst Cyber Fraud in the City

The scammers were named in an FIR filed by Delhi police, which also started a technical investigation. A Delhi doctor has been conned out of...