Facebook is being filled up with Phishing Attacks

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FACEBOOK Users must listen to this thing before their Data gets in the hands of a person,

who would definitely misuse it for a selfish motive.

How do I become a reverse engineer?

A naive audience is the easiest target for them to cheat on.

Cybercriminals have created a new tactic to steal data from the public without getting it to their notice.

Attack begins with an email sent to the mailbox of the victim.

The attacker uses chatbots on messenger to trick the victims.

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According to the researchers, the page asking for OTP is more of a dummy page, which will not be able to send or accept OTP.

It was just to show the users a legitimate action is taken.

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The chatbots for deceiving people are taken back in time.

However, this situation could appear again in the future, so the users are given this instruction, not to trust every email they see.

Reverse Engineering is mainly good for cracking and hacking


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