Mega Messaging is being shot down by attackers in a different way

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Mega Chat | Cyber Attacks

Mega is a messaging App involving Chats, Voice Calls, and Video Calls. Moreover, it provides full protection over each kind of feature it offers. Unlike other Apps.

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Based on the information gathered from ETH Zurich University:

There are several security loopholes that can become the reason for stress, and anxiety.

According to the UNI, these loopholes will allow the provider to decrypt and manipulate users’ data. Where the marketing department is stating completely opposite facts”.

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What did “Cryptography Researchers,” say?

“After Analyzing Mega’s Source Code and Cryptographic Architect, they found 5 Vulnerabilities”.

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TEAM MEGA on the Issue

The findings were reported to MEGA on 24th, Mar 2022. Moreover, on the same day to fix Security Loopholes, the solutions were proposed.

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