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₹1 Crore Fraud to an Elderly by Social Engineering Cyber Fraud Technique

₹1 Crore lost by an Elderly as Social Engineering Introduced in Cyber Fraud Techniques

The technology and the companies are going forward to secure their various IT infrastructures by employing numerous methodologies of Social Engineering techniques in doing Cyber...

Clear trip data breach

Cleartrip is tripping over Data Breach a lot of people in Vain

You know that Cleartrip is one of the most popular Ticket Booking Sites that is used by several users to travel from one place to...

Hacker in jail

A 28 Year Ukrainian Hacker has been Sentenced to 4 Years of Imprisonment for Selling Credentials of Hacked servers!

It is common on the dark web to sell illegal items, services, and sensitive data. A Case came into view in which the U.S. Government...


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PeopleConnect has confirmed the data breach Incident of 20 M Accounts

Two famous information-providing websites were being hacked, and a data breach resulted in chaos. Which were the two websites, and how did the incident happen?...

Online Fraud! Don’t Get Scammed. Hang Up and Walk Away!

Beware of Fraudulent Calls, SMS, and Notifications Asking for Your Utmost Personal Details for Doing Financial Cheating. There are a number of cases have been...

6000 Times Cyber Attack Attempts over ICMR after AIIMS

 Cyber Attack on AIIMS News4Hackers has already started gathering information on how AIIMS’s servers got hacked and who was behind the Cyber Attack on AIIMS....

Fake News! Relief for the Provinces of AIIMS-Delhi. Work isn’t going well as of now

Although we know that AIIMS is getting worsened in condition after the hack, social media is trolling the management for not being able to secure...