Apple's App Store

Over $2 billion in potentially fraudulent purchases were successfully identified and prevented in 2022 by Apple’s App Store.

On Tuesday, the firm exposed the amount. There, it also confessed it refused around 1.7 million app submissions the previous year. The firm said – Rejections were proceeded because of App’s Failure to meet Apple’s High Standards for

  1. Privacy,
  2. Security, and
  3. Content

Moreover, it dismissed 4,28,000 developers’ accounts & 282 million clients’ accounts connected with the fraudulent cases in 2022.


Apple's App Store


Fortunately, Apple’s App team reviewed more than 6.1 million app submissions which allowed 1,85,000 developers to publish their first-ever app on the App Store.

“Around the year, Apple officially launched several measures to back an ecosystem for facilitating both users and developers.

The outcome was that the App Store has become a user-friendly platform to attract 650 million+ average weekly visitors globally.”

“As a result, the App Store has become a vibrant and innovative platform that attracts over 650 million average weekly visitors worldwide.”

Moreover, to support developers in understanding the reason behind submission rejection, the firm frequently made over 20,000 calls to address issues.

There were so many fraudulent account and review cases. For that, Apple prevented the creation of 198 million fraudulent accounts while detecting & blocking over 147 million fake ratings and reviews.

According to the post, Apple never backs up from keep making the App Store a safer place for users and developers.

“As adversaries develop their ill strategies and deceiving methods, Apple provides its anti-fraud plans with feedback gathered from a wide range of channels and will keep going to develop new strategies & tools designed to prevent fraud from harming App Store users and developers.”

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The statistics were released a few weeks after Apple fixed two zero-day flaws that were used to attack Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices.

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