Ahmedabad Cryptocurrency Scam: A Techie Lost ₹1 Crore by Woman Whom He Met on Matrimonial Website; Investigation Underway

Cryptocurrency Scam

The victim, whose name is Kuldeep Patel, met the fraudster Aditi on a matrimonial website, resulting in financial loss.

Ahmedabad:  According to officials, a software engineer stationed in Ahmedabad had a fraudulent incident, leading to a financial loss of over one crore rupees.  The individual referred to as the victim, Kuldeep Patel, came into contact with the perpetrator, Aditi, via an online platform dedicated to matrimonial services, resulting in a subsequent monetary detriment.  He addressed the subject that is currently being investigated.

According to sources, Patel’s experience commenced in June when he encountered Aditi on a matrimonial platform, who purportedly engaged in import and export activities in the United Kingdom.

The individual successfully persuaded Patel to make an investment in ‘Banocoin’ by offering the prospect of substantial financial gains.  Based on her confidence in the information provided, Patel proceeded to establish communication with a customer service person affiliated with Banocoin.

She then proceeded to deposit a significant portion of her earnings.

At the outset, Patel’s investments exhibited favorable prospects, as evidenced by his crypto account yielding a profit of 78 USDT (United States dollar tether) subsequent to his initial investment of Rs one lakh.  Motivated by the early positive outcomes, the individual proceeded to allocate a total of Rs 1.34 crore throughout the course of 18 transactions spanning from July 20 to August 31.

On September 3rd, Patel encountered an unexpected situation when he made an attempt to withdraw a sum of Rs 2.59 lakh from his account, only to be informed that his account had been subjected to a freeze.

In an earnest endeavor to address the matter, Patel contacted the customer service employee who had initially provided guidance.  The individual received notification that an extra sum of Rs 35 lakh was required in order to rectify the frozen status of their account.

According to the sources, Patel, feeling a sense of alarm and confusion, made an attempt to establish communication with Aditi.  However, his efforts were met with no reaction, prompting him to come to the realization that he had become a target of a fraudulent scheme.

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