Doctor in Delhi lost 4.5 cr in the Worst Cyber Fraud

The scammers were named in an FIR filed by Delhi police, which also started a technical investigation.

A Delhi doctor has been conned out of Rs. 4.47 crore by a scammer posing as an official from the Maharashtra narcotics division. The fraudster claimed to the 34-year-old woman that a FedEx courier associated with her had a significant amount of MDMA in it.

She was compelled by the men to temporarily give them access to the whole amount in her accounts. The thieves concocted a complicated web of lies to defraud the woman of her money. They pretended to be officers from the Andheri police station, RBI officials, a DCP from the Mumbai Police, customs investigators, and officers from the Narcotics division.

According to a report by The Times of India, Delhi police reported the scammers and started a technical investigation.

Notably, it was the biggest cyber fraud in Delhu and began with a phone call to the victim. The con artists informed the victim that her FedEx delivery had been seized and instructed her to contact 1 for additional information.

The lady told TOI that the caller stated the package contained 140 grams of MDMA, her passport, two pairs of shoes, banking information, and clothing. She claimed to be unaware of this courier, though.

When she refused, the caller instructed her to file a report with the Andheri police station; however, because the victim was in Delhi, the authorities instructed her to do so online. She was instructed to install the Skype program.

In order to confirm the victim’s Aadhaar ID for any further misuse, the woman posing as Inspector Patil connected with her on Skype. According to TOI reports, the victim overheard a conversation claiming that her ID had been used to open 23 bank accounts in Mumbai and was being investigated for money laundering.

She was then asked to provide all of her financial information and give photos of her bank accounts with the balances. The victim, who was deeply entangled in a web of deception, broke her fixed deposits on the caller’s orders so they could be seized and verified.

More individuals posing as RBI authorities and the Mumbai Narcotics division joined the cyber fraud and stole the doctor’s 4.47 crore after another cop requested her to complete RTGS papers.

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