Online Fraud

UP has again become the victim of online fraud consisting of various perpetrators in the cyber fraud campaign. Indians should be aware of rising online fraud cases and should prepare themselves for the harsh battle that will be fought against online hackers and fraudsters.

The latest case involves an online fraud that caused disturbance for innocent people on social media platforms related to making friends online cuz no one knows whom they are talking to in reality. Thus, to know more about this case, follow the article thoroughly!

Online Fraud

Sunday, Police Sources

Ballia/Azamgarh (UP), September 17 (UNI) The Azamgarh police detained three Nigerian citizens from the Nihal Vihar neighborhood of New Delhi on suspicion of engaging in internet fraud by tricking people into believing they were providing expensive items.

On May 14, the victim—a local of the Sahatwar neighborhood in the Ballia district—complained that Nigerian youth had befriended her on social media and had deposited Rs 32 lakh to several bank accounts under the guise of giving expensive presents during her wedding.

“The matter was forwarded to the cyber cell in the Azamgarh zone by the police after a complaint was filed under the appropriate sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).”

Durga Prasad Tiwari, Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP), Ballia

The cybercrime police detained Chibuike Austine, Chimezie Justice, and Chimamkpa Kizito from New Delhi in connection with the case. The suspects admitted during interrogation that they entered India on student and medical visas.”

The accused admitted that they used to make friends on social media platforms with the assistance of their Mizorami and Naga allies in order to have large sums of money sent into their Indian and African bank accounts under the guise of sending pricey gifts.

The apprehended suspect was found to have two laptops, seven mobile routers, four Indian and Nigerian SIM cards, four bogus Instagram IDs and passwords, 1,000 Indian contacts, and fraudulent documents.


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