Will the cloud be able to help India’s conditions in employment by the end of 2022?

Cloud adoption can add $380 bn to India's GDP

Recently news came into the market that India’s market is going to establish a Cloud Industry in the near future. Will that be possible by the end of 2022? This change can earn India’s GDP a sum of $ 380 bn. Moreover, in some possible ways people will be able to get employed in a direct and indirect way.

Online Data Collection

As you know that data collection is a time taking process, and it can be worth a big amount of money, if lost. Devices (with internal and external storage) we buy do have the capability to store our data. However, they aren’t capable of storing that much data that we consume or want to save for future use.

For that, the internet helped us by offering us Cloud Storage. Cloud Storage can be unlimited if we wish to. But for that we need to pay a certain amount to expand the limit of the size it provides us. Even if we leave this point aside, cloud storage can help us to do several things, and sets our devices free from the overload of data. Then now you may have understood the benefits of Cloud Storage. Let’s return to our previous topic.

Connection between GDP and Cloud Adoption

Nasscom has reported about this big decision of the Indian Market. This decision of the market has the potential to create $380 billion of funds for the GDP of India. That will in some way open up the doors of 14 million of employment for so many of  the aspirants by the year 2026.

Likewise, it has some disadvantages too to affect the momentum of this plan. That is, India  may face a loss of $118 billion while contributing to GDP.  Also, job opportunities of 5 million can be in danger too. That will be the case, if the govt. And businesses get late in adopting this cloud industry.

Reason to Understand

Global competitors have made a move towards new systems such as:

  • 3D Printing
  • IoT
  • Robotic Automation

In this condition if Indian Industries lose the chance in adopting the Cloud fast enough they may lose its ambiance and attractiveness among all investors or any other businesses.

In Report

If India puts its full efforts in the project known as “Future of Cloud and Its Economic Impact: Opportunity for India”, then it can achieve a growth @rate of 25-30% in the next 5 Years.

Even though India is in its early stages of adopting a technology like Cloud, moving towards Cloud tech became essential. Reason is that this tech is offering  help in Indian Businesses and Govt. to speedup their digitalization via:

  • Infrastructure
  • Platform
  • Software Solutions

Debjani Ghosh (President) “Nasscom”….

What do we need to ensure the completion of this process?

To achieve this, we need the collaboration of several stakeholders. All these things are needed to:

  • Observe mindset challenges
  • Belief in Cloud Technology
  • Motivate Small scale businesses to adopt cloud technology
  • Measure talent via re-skilling & up-skilling
  • Rectifying the policies related to Cloud can ease deployment.

Indian Cloud Market has made an great impact in the global market with a CAGR of 44%, just because of:

  • Growing Digital Population
  • Inflow of Investments
  • Digitalization of Enterprises
  • Favorable Govt. Policies

Why is Cloud Best for India’s Growth?

These things are helping in speeding up India’s Cloud Growth. The Cloud Adoption will bring fundamental improvements in citizen services and in moving inclusions in areas such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Access to Financial Services
  • Democratize Education

Also, adopting this tech can make new opportunities for several entrepreneurs in India, and for Innovative Ideas. Moreover it can help companies in:

  • Building Enhanced Commercial Products
  • Promoting R&D
  • Contributing in India’s Global Innovation Index

Rahul Sharma, (President) Amazon Internet Services…

Cloud-Computing has bring several things in action since it matched the ideas with Indian Market:

  • Digital-Transformation
  • Technology-Led Innovation
  • Business Growth
  • Positive Social Impact @scale in India

Few Example as inspiration you can take are:

  1. MyGov Saathi
  2. Curfew ePass
  3. Covid-19 Repository
  4. Aarogya Setu
  5. CoWIN

What Do You Think? Is Cloud Worth It?

Several countries have made their movements towards cloud-computing. If you think that isn’t enough for our country to grow enough then you’re wrong. Cloud Based Industries are earning a lot more than you could ever expect.

But to understand the several benefits of cloud computing you can start learning about Cloud Computing by joining a course that can introduce you to the basics of cloud computing. After that you can go for advanced courses.

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