4 Individuals Are Arrested In A ₹1 Lakh Electricity Bill Scam By Gurgaon Police.

4 Individuals Are Arrested

4 Individuals Are Arrested In A ₹1 Lakh Electricity Bill Scam By Gurgaon Police.

4 Individuals Are Arrested by the Gurgaon police on suspicion of stealing Rs 1 lakh from a woman by tricking her into paying her utility bill.

The victim reportedly filed a complaint at the Sector 14 police station on June 3, alleging that she had been defrauded while attempting to pay her electricity bill.

Her complaint was prompted by an illegal withdrawal of Rs 1 lakh from her bank account. Following confirmation, the police filed a case under the applicable section of the IPC.

The method utilized by Ajay and his associates was revealed through investigations. The perpetrators issued menacing electronic correspondences to recipients, threatening that non-payment of electricity invoices would lead to disconnection.

After threatening to cut off the electricity supply, swindle artists distributed payment links to their victims. The perpetrators accessed the bank accounts and pilfered funds after the click was executed.

The suspects were apprehended in Palam Vihar by a specialized police team headed by Assistant Commissioner of Police (Cyber Crime) Vipin Ahlawat and the Cyber West police unit.

Included among those who have been apprehended are Pankaj, Mangilal, Ajay, and Sombeer. Pankaj and Mangilal are natives of Munasri Hanuman Garh, Rajasthan; Ajay and Sombeer, respectively, reside in Niwana village, Hisar district, and Gadhi village, Hisar district.

The amount that had been defrauded was transmitted to Pankaj’s bank account, and then sent to Mangilal, according to the interrogation. Sombeer, who was employed at a petrol station, received the funds and transferred the remainder to Ajay after deducting a 1.5% commission. As the inquiry persists, it further examines the accusations.

Cyber West police station sub-inspector Sachin Kumar emphasized the ever-changing complexities of cybercrime. “Some cyber criminals pose as customer service representatives in order to gain callers’ trust and deceive them,” he stated. Through impersonating electricity department personnel, they manipulate individuals into clicking on hyperlinks by threatening disconnection if they do not comply. Kumar elaborated on how the aforementioned connections resulted in the installation of screen-sharing applications, which subsequently exposed UPI IDs throughout payment transactions.

To prevent falling victim to cyber scams, the police are actively urging citizens to maintain vigilance against such fraudulent strategies and to report any suspicious activities.

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