AirIndia | Dominos | Tata Communication | Upstox | SBI Yono App | Mobikwik | True Caller | Indian | Data Available Online for Sale

Data Available Online for Sale

AirIndia | Dominos | TCS | Upstox | SBI Yono App | Mobikwik | True Caller | Indian | Data Available Online for Sale

Data Breach

Latest Database breach of AirIndia Customers, Dominos India Database Leaks are now being sold over Darkweb. Some other Data breaches like Upstox, Mobikwik, Acer, Union Bank of Nigeria, and a lot of other databases are also being sold on the darknet.

AirIndia 4.5 Million Customer Database Sold at May 2021 / Price: $3000

Air India breach the personal information of 4.5 million customers in the world. Data was leaked two months following the hack of Passenger Service System provider SITA in February 2021. The Data involved personal data of registered customers between 26th August 2011 and 3rd February 2021, with details included name, date of birth, contact information, passport information, ticket information, Star Alliance, and Air India frequent flyer data as well as credit cards data.

Dominos India Database Leak: May 2021 / Price: $1000

Huge Database of Dominos India. Include all user’s personal details along with their location history and payment profiles. Data is highly useful and not freely available anywhere. Total 200 Million Order Details along with user profiles Includes mobile, email, name, home address, payment type, and Social Login Tokens.

Tata Communications Huge Data: April 2021 / Price: $1000

Data Include: customers details: username – password (plaintext) server information – servers logs – phone numbers and etc CRM and Organizational automation DB’s Emails Backup servers access (usernames – passwords (plaintext) – IP) admin panel (usernames – passwords (plaintext) – URLs) networks Maps and diagrams And Much More Huge Data: April 2021 / Price: $3500

The Huge Stock Trading company having billions of users leaked their data. We have more than 31 Million users data of Upstox. Data include Name, Userid, Password, Email, DOB, PAN, Bank Info, KYC DOcuments like ID proof, Signature, Scanned copy of pan cards, passport/ Aadhaar, canceled cheque, and many more. records are in SQL format and compressed in RAR archive and KYC files are in tar archive READY.

SBI YONO App Database: April 2021 / Price: $1500

The Largest Indian Bank State Bank Of India’s Banking App YONO’s Fetched Data. Data Include Fresh 2021 till April. All OTP Related Information with clear text Mobile Numbers and Session IDs with Name and Account Number with Available Balance.

database hacked

Popular Leaks are available for Sale on Darkweb.

  • 533 Million Facebook Users Data
  • Indiabulls SQL and Documents Leak
  • Prime Minister of India Data
  • True Caller Indian Data Leak
  • 2480000 Airtel India Customers Data
  • Jazz Mobile Pakistan Data Dump
  • Beacon Health Solutions LLC Data
  • De-Hashed data leaked SQL DB
  • IDFC Bank Confidential Data Leak
  • American Bank Systems INC Data Leak
  • Agromart Group Canada Huge Leak
  • Covve contacts app Data db8151dd
  • Payment Solutions
  • EximBank Leaked Data
  • Solar Winds Data Leak

One of the Dark web Site displays Dominos Database in Searchable Format: Example

Search term: 9999999999

“linked_mobiles”: [
“linked_emails”: [
[email protected]”,
[email protected]”,
[email protected]”,
[email protected]”,
[email protected]
“total_num_orders”: 55,
“total_price_spent”: 41938,
“random_orders”: [
“delivery_address”: “#####,^^^^^,****, , Sainik Farm, New Delhi”,
“delivery_address_lat_lon”: [
“delivery_mobile_no”: “9999999999”,
“order_price”: 628,
“order_time_gmt”: “2019-12-26T12:06:02”
“delivery_address”: “####,%%%%,****, &*&*&, Sainik Farm, New Delhi”,
“delivery_address_lat_lon”: [
“delivery_mobile_no”: “9999999999”,
“order_price”: 263,
“order_time_gmt”: “2019-10-18T11:11:49”
“delivery_address”: “#####,$####, *****, Dwarka Road, Delhi”,
“delivery_address_lat_lon”: [
“delivery_mobile_no”: “9999999999”,
“order_price”: 730,
“order_time_gmt”: “2019-11-22T14:52:55”
“delivery_address”: “####, ####, ****, New Delhi”,
“delivery_address_lat_lon”: [
“delivery_mobile_no”: “9999999999”,
“order_price”: 574,
“order_time_gmt”: “2019-10-07T14:48:52.038000”
“delivery_address”: “#### , *** , Sainik Farm, New Delhi”,
“delivery_address_lat_lon”: [
“delivery_mobile_no”: “9999999999”,
“order_price”: 299,
“order_time_gmt”: “2020-01-31T14:49:50”
“other_details”: [

Data Like – Name, Mobile Number, Address, Email Id, Home Adress, Delivery Adress were easily extracted from a website on dark web.


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