5 Tech Professionals Arrested for Stealing Sensitive Client Info from A Chennai Firm


5 Tech Professionals Arrested for Stealing Sensitive Client Info from A Chennai Firm

Chennai:  Five technicians, two from Chennai and three from Bengaluru were arrested on suspicion of obtaining client information from a software company based in Chennai. As members of the organization’s DevOps team, the technicians were tasked with the delivery of products to customers.

On October 9, while the technicians were participating in a three-hour conference call from Chennai, the incident occurred. They were able to steal the client information, which pertained primarily to Australian banking institutions, during the call. The security breach prevented the clients from utilizing the banking software that the organization had supplied.

The software company, established in 2018, supplies software solutions to financial institutions across various nations. For client delivery, they implemented cloud computing software supplied by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

5 Tech Professionals Arrested

The matter was brought to the attention of the organization’s leadership through telephone communications from clientele detailing difficulties in utilizing the financial software. After conducting additional research, it became evident that an insider attack was the root cause of the data compromise.

5 Tech Professionals Arrested

The Chennai cybercrime police promptly received the complaint and initiated an investigation, gathering Internet protocol addresses and other technical information to determine the source of the server’s intrusion.

The police successfully identified Edison, the operations in-charge, as the principal suspect through their investigation. Edison, an individual situated in Chennai, had authorized access to the organization’s OneDrive, where the pilfered client information was stored.

The police identified another employee, Ramkumar, who was also implicated in the data theft after Edison was apprehended. With the assistance of Edison and Ramkumar, the police squad apprehended the three other technicians implicated in the crime, Kavya, Ravitha, and Karuppaiah, all hailing from Bengaluru.

Amid concerns regarding insider threats and the significance of data security, the apprehension of the five technicians has caused widespread reverberation in the IT sector. A reminder is provided by the incident that even members of an organization are capable of posing a substantial danger to sensitive data.

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