7 Cool and Useful Things To Do With Your Flipper Zero

7 Cool and Useful Things To Do With Your Flipper Zero

Disregard all the Fake Flipper Zero content that appears on TikTok. Here are several 7 Cool and Useful Things To Do With Your Flipper Zero that I have put to use.

I hold a strong affinity for my Flipper Zero device; yet, I find myself harboring disdain towards the proliferation of counterfeit content on TikTok, which is primarily driven by individuals seeking attention. The Flipper Zero device does not possess the capability to manipulate gas station signs, replicate credit and debit cards, or deactivate the displays at popular burger establishments, unless under exceptional circumstances.

However, it should be noted that the Flipper Zero possesses the capability to perform a range of impressive and practical functions.

In recent months, I have been utilizing the array of integrated hardware tools incorporated into the Flipper Zero device. What features are integrated within this diminutive gadget like a toy?

A wireless antenna operating at frequencies below 1 gigahertz (sub-GHz) has the capability to receive and broadcast wireless codes for the purpose of controlling wireless devices and accessing control systems. This includes but is not limited to garage door remotes, boom barriers, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, and remote keyless systems.

The inclusion of RFID support enables the system to effectively scan, retain, and replicate many types of RFID cards.

Additionally, this device possesses the capability to interpret, transcribe, retain, and replicate Near Field Communication (NFC) tags.

Located on the front of the device is a 1-Wire connector that possesses the capability to both read and replicate iButton contact keys, also known as DS1990A, CYFRAL, Touch Memory, or Dallas key.

Additionally, the device is equipped with an integrated infrared transceiver capable of both receiving and transmitting infrared codes for the purpose of controlling various electronic devices such as televisions.

Ultimately, situated at the uppermost section of the device, the Flipper Zero possesses GPIO connectors which facilitate its ability to establish connections with various external devices within the physical realm.

The device, priced at $169, encompasses a multitude of capabilities inside its compact design.

However, on a weekly basis, I receive feedback from purchasers who express their frustration and disappointment with the limitations of their Flipper Zero device. These individuals have been misled by deceptive social media videos that falsely showcase the device’s capabilities.

During the previous two weeks, I have engaged in various activities utilizing my Flipper Zero device.

Note:  The utilization of third-party software on my Flipper Zero device enables me to avail a multitude of supplementary functionalities. However, it is important to note that the installation of third-party software does not void the warranty, and it is possible to revert back to the original software effortlessly by utilizing the Flipper Zero application on a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device.

1. Testing Car Key Fobs

Flipper Zero

The sub-GHz wireless antenna has the capability to detect and capture signals emitted by automobile key fobs. However, it should be noted that while these signals can be recorded, they cannot be used to unlock modern cars due to the use of “rolling codes.” This security feature ensures that the code used for unlocking the car varies with each usage, rendering recorded signals ineffective for unauthorized access.

This method serves as a convenient means to assess the functionality of the key and the adequacy of the battery.

2. Reading/ Saving/ Emulating NFC

Flipper Zero

The ubiquity of NFC in contemporary society is evident, and the Flipper Zero device facilitates engagement with this wireless communication technology. RFID technology is integrated into plastic cards and fobs, serving a wide range of purposes, such as facilitating access to hotel rooms and managing the operation of barriers.

The Flipper Zero has the capability to read NFC technology. The potential for NFC cards to be copied and cloned exists, contingent upon the security measures implemented on the card. However, it is not possible to provide definitive guidelines regarding whether NFC devices are susceptible to cloning.

It is important to acknowledge that although Flipper Zero possesses the capability to read NFC cards and fobs, it lacks the ability to decipher the encrypted security code associated with these cards. This security code, commonly referred to as CSC, CVV, CVC, CAV, and various other three-letter abbreviations, remains inaccessible to the Flipper Zero.

7 Cool and Useful Things To Do With Your Flipper Zero


Since Flipper Zero is incapable of deciphering the encrypted security code of the card, it is unable to duplicate bank cards.

3. Reading and unlocking RFID tags and cards

In addition to Near Field Communication (NFC), the Flipper Zero device possesses the capability to both read and duplicate Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, encompassing hotel cards as depicted in the aforementioned image.

RFID cards and tags have the capability to be locked in order to impede any attempts to overwrite their data. However, the Flipper Zero device exhibits the ability to circumvent a significant number of these protective methods. The current proposition entails the provision of card unlocking services upon its presentation to a legitimate reader. This process facilitates the replication of the card and subsequent utilization of both the card and the Flipper Zero device to gain access to the door.

I have utilized this technique to replicate access cards and fobs for various types of buildings. It is worth noting that on numerous occasions, both the personnel and occasionally the proprietors of these buildings were unaware of the feasibility of this method.

Flipper Zero is capable of decrypting certain RFID devices and cards.

4. Bypassing Sentry Safe Security


Yes, the Flipper Zero device has the capability to circumvent the security measures implemented in certain models of Sentry Safe electronic safes by utilizing an output derived from the General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) interface.

Engaging in such activities without proper authorization or ownership is strongly discouraged. However, it is worth noting the significant vulnerabilities present in the supposedly secure “complementary” safes commonly seen in hotels, spas, and Airbnbs.

5. Universal infrared remote control

The Flipper Zero gadget is equipped with an integrated infrared module, allowing for versatile programming capabilities to control various electronic equipment, including televisions and air conditioning units. The Flipper Zero has the capability to control a wide range of consumer devices that are equipped with an infrared (IR) remote control interface.

Another practical application of this functionality is to assess the operation of infrared remote controls. To detect signals, the Flipper Zero should be placed in the “read IR” mode and the remote control should be pointed towards it.

Disassembling and evaluating an infrared remote control.

6. Automating scripts in a variety of platforms

The Flipper Zero device possesses the capability to function as a BadUSB device, enabling it to be recognized as a Human Interface Device (HID), namely in the form of a keyboard, upon connection to a port.

A BadUSB device possesses the capability to modify system configurations, establish unauthorized access points, extract data, initiate reverse shells, and execute any action that can be accomplished through direct physical contact. The completion of these duties is achieved by the utilization of a series of commands written in the Rubber Ducky Scripting Language, commonly referred to as DuckyScript.

Without user input, Flipper Zero launches a web browser and navigates to a specified page.

7. Signal generator

7 Cool and Useful Things To Do With Your Flipper Zero

The Flipper Zero possesses the capability to utilize the General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) interface for the purpose of generating electrical signals, hence functioning as a signal generator. The antilock braking system module was employed in a vehicle simulation to verify the operational functionality of the car’s wiring and computer components.

GPIO pinout.

BONUS! Crashing iPhones and spamming Android handsets

I would advise against engaging in the following activities unless explicit consent is obtained from the individuals involved, as they have the potential to cause annoyance and are likely to be deemed unlawful in the majority of jurisdictions. However, it is disconcerting to note the considerable efficacy of a Flipper Zero device in inducing iPhone crashes or executing denial of service (DoS) attacks on Android smartphones.

The Flipper Zero possesses the capability to inundate electronic devices within a 30-foot perimeter with a multitude of pop-up notifications, rendering their usage significantly challenging. Thus far, the sole countermeasure against this methodology entails deactivating the Bluetooth functionality.

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