A Big Cyber Fraud in Mumbai, Retired MNC Director Cheated for ₹25 Crores in the Name of Money Laundering

A Big Cyber Fraud in Mumbai

A Big Cyber Fraud in Mumbai, Retired MNC Director Cheated for ₹25 Crores in the Name of Money Laundering

A piece of famous news has shocked the entire nation, where a retired MNC Director has been cheated with an unbelievable amount of ₹25 Crores on the pretext of money laundering.

Mumbai, Maharashtra:  The biggest case of cyber fraud by a person has come to light in Mumbai. Cybercriminals defrauded a retired woman director of a multinational company (MNC) of ₹25 crore in the name of a money laundering case.

To avoid a money laundering case, the retired director sold his and his mother’s shares, and mutual funds and also took a gold loan. Now Mumbai Police is investigating the entire matter.

A Call Came in the Name of the Telecom Department and Then Know What Happened Next?

On February 6, a retired multinational company director living in Mumbai received a call from a number and the caller identified himself as the Telecom Department.  After this, he transferred the call to an alleged police officer and the police officer told him that a complaint of money laundering had been received against him and the CBI team was investigating it.

Saying this he transferred the call to the alleged CBI officer.  After this, the cybercriminal, posing as a CBI officer, threatened her in many ways in the name of investigating the money laundering case and said that this money laundering case was related to China.

In addition to that, cybercriminals sent many fake documents and photographs of many other accused to deceive others.  Further, the cybercriminal duped him of ₹25 crore by making continuous calls.  Ahead, when the retired woman realized the cyber fraud, she complained to the Mumbai Police.  The cyber cell of Mumbai Police is investigating this matter.

Be Careful Otherwise You Too Can Become A Victim of Cyber Fraud

  • If you get a call from an unknown number, do not trust it at all and do not give any information to it.
  • If someone calls in the name of CBI ID or other enforcement agencies and threatens to implicate you in a case, do not trust him. Investigating agencies do not call like this.
  • Never transfer money to the account of any unknown person.
  • If cyber fraud has happened to you, immediately call the cyber helpline number 1930.

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