A Man got deceived in a “WhatsApp Task Fraud,” causing a loss of 43 Lakh, Navi Mumbai

WhatsApp Task Fraud

The most recent “online task” WhatsApp Task fraud victim is a man from Navi Mumbai. According to reports, the 33-year-old guy was tricked out of more than Rs 43 lakh by con artists who tempted him with promises of quick money.

Recently, an “online task” fraud victim is a man from Navi Mumbai.


Con artists duped the 33-year-old guy into parting with more than Rs 43 lakh.

Police Official, PTI Reported

The scammers used WhatsApp to get in touch with the man, who lives in the Koparkhairane neighborhood. He was informed that if he worked a part-time job that involved internet duties, he could make high money.

“The victim paid Rs 43.45 lakh into various bank accounts in the hopes of receiving a large return, but she never got paid.”

The Indian Penal Code (IPC) section 420 (Cheating and dishonestly Inducing Delivery of Property) was used to register the case. In this situation, no one has been taken into custody yet.

In order to acquire victims’ trust, “online task” fraud often involves tricking them into completing activities like liking videos and making tiny payments at first. The victims were later persuaded to make investments with the promise of high returns.

A similar incident involving a Mumbai-based individual who attempted to make some additional money online a few days ago resulted in him losing about Rs 18 lakh. The 48-year-old guy was approached by con artists who promised to make him some quick money online. He only needed to finish a few “tasks.”

The victim, a Kharghar resident, reported to the authorities that he received requests for ‘prepaid’ online jobs with high payouts. Moreover, the victim did initially make some money from these duties.

He transferred the money to several accounts in the hopes of receiving returns but instead received a loss of Rs 17.9 lakh. According to the victim, the money was moved to four other bank accounts.

Based on the man’s accusation, the Navi Mumbai cyber police station opened a case of cheating.

Another incidence involved a 66-year-old Navi Mumbai man who attempted to earn some additional cash by performing online work but lost Rs 17 lakh.

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