A Mumbai Senior Citizen Lost ₹3 Lakhs in Voice Cloning Scam


A Mumbai Senior Citizen Lost ₹3 Lakhs in Voice Cloning Scam

Mumbai:  ₹3 lakhs was lost by a 63-year-old man who was the target of an intricate cyber fraud.  By copying the voice of his son’s companion Vikas Gupta during a phone conversation, the fraudster deceived the father.

Although the incident happened on March 2, the Bhandup police station did not receive the police report until April 9.  A WhatsApp call originating from an unidentified number misled the elderly man, whose children were staying overseas.

Impersonating Vikas Gupta, an individual the victim had known since childhood, the caller pleaded for immediate financial assistance.

The victim, influenced by the caller’s recognizable voice, transferred ₹2 lakhs to the account supplied and encouraged two acquaintances to provide ₹50,000 each.  When the caller demanded additional funds, however, doubt was aroused, and further attempts to video call the scammer failed.

The innocent victim came to the realization that the genuine Vikas Gupta had not initiated any such phone conversations.  Despite submitting an electronic complaint on March 3, the illness stopped him from visiting the police station in person.

Subsequently, the authorities have officially documented the incident and have started more investigations.

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