Duped ₹7 Lakhs Through Online Fraud

Chandigarh: According to Punjab Police, a Panjab University (PU) peon-level employee was allegedly defrauded of ₹7 lahks after being promised a significant return on online investments.

Samdarsh Kumar, a resident of PU, Sector 14, claimed to have gotten a message on his phone about how to get paid to leave internet evaluations for products and hotels.  He claimed to have received a URL allowing him to become a member of a group on the Telegram app.

He claimed that after writing a few reviews, his bank account was credited with ₹150/-.  Further, he claimed the accused instructed him to make a ₹5,000 online investment, which he did, earning him ₹7,000 in exchange for ₹2,000 as profit.

The fraudsters gained Kumar’s trust and instructed him to invest ₹40,000 for ₹56,000.  When the Panjab University peon did not receive any compensation, he demanded his money back.

Then, the accused, however, instructed him to place a deposit of ₹1.95 lakhs in order to receive his money back along with the interest.  Kumar claimed he made repeated deposits totaling ₹1.95 lakhs and ₹4.80 lakhs into the bank accounts of fraudsters.

Finally, he lodged a complaint at the nearest Police Station after not getting his money back.

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