An Old Ayurvedic Doctor is Duped by a Sextortion Scam and Loses ₹8+ Lakh

An Old Ayurvedic Doctor is Duped by a Sextortion

An Old Ayurvedic Doctor is Duped by a Sextortion Scam and Loses ₹8+ Lakh

A 71-year-old Ayurvedic practitioner residing in Khichripur, East Delhi, became a target of a sextortion scheme and suffered a financial loss of more than ₹8 lakh to a criminal group. The gang issued a threat to distribute his “indecent” footage and demanded monetary compensation. An FIR was filed by the cyber police station in the east district, taking into consideration the victim’s statement.

As per a police record lodged at the cyber police station in the eastern district, the 71-year-old physician described receiving a video call on July 13th, 2023. The female caller, appearing agitated, urgently appealed for assistance before the connection abruptly terminated. The doctor disregarded the incident, convinced that the patient needed assistance.

Nevertheless, later that night, an additional video call was made, but it went unanswered because the doctor was asleep. On the following day, when the doctor picked up the phone for the third time, he was taken by surprise when he observed a woman removing her clothes from the display.

He immediately terminated the call and powered down his phone, assuming that the disturbing encounter was a unique occurrence.

On the subsequent day, his phone was bombarded with calls from individuals impersonating Delhi Police personnel. The doctor’s video was alleged to have become extremely popular and they warned of severe repercussions if he refused to comply. Consumed by fear and feeling overwhelmed, the doctor was compelled through coercion to make monetary payments for the alleged apprehension of the suspects in Mumbai, as well as for travel expenses and court fees.

The doctor was subjected to persistent extortion, resulting in a total loss of ₹8.59 lakh until the threats eventually ceased.

Police Operations and the Demand for Justice

After the doctor’s courageous choice to disclose the truth, a First Information Report (FIR) was filed under pertinent provisions of the Indian Penal Code, encompassing offenses such as fraud, assuming another person’s identity, making criminal threats, and engaging in collective wrongdoing.

The police have guaranteed prompt action, affirming that specialized teams have been assembled to apprehend the perpetrator. We are verifying the information associated with a given mobile number. The accused will be apprehended imminently.

Sextortion is a grave offense that can result in severe repercussions for its victims. If you encounter a situation where you are being coerced or threatened with the release of personal and private photographs or videos, here are a series of actions you can pursue:


  1. Don’t panic: The utmost priority is to be calm and composed. Indulging in panic will only exacerbate the difficulty of maintaining clear thinking and making rational decisions.
  2. Refrain from making payment: Providing monetary compensation to the blackmailer would only serve to incentivize and perpetuate their illicit activities. Moreover, it is improbable that they will genuinely eradicate the photographs or videos after receiving your payment.
  3. Preserve the evidence: Gather all available evidence, including screenshots of conversations, emails, or video calls, as well as any phone numbers or usernames linked to the individual engaging in blackmail.
  1. Report the crime: Submit a formal report to both the police and your local cybercrime unit. They possess the capability to conduct a thorough investigation of the crime and assist you in apprehending the blackmailer, so ensuring justice is served. To submit your complaint, please dial 1930 or visit the website
  2. Seek assistance: Engage in a conversation with a reliable friend or family member regarding the current situation. Additionally, you may consider seeking assistance from a qualified therapist or counselor who possesses expertise in the field of sextortion.

Here are some additional tips for sextortion victims:

Modify your passwords. It is particularly important to update the credentials for your email and social media accounts.
Be mindful of the information you share online. Exercise caution when disclosing information online, particularly with individuals you are unfamiliar with. Sending anyone intimate images or videos is not advised, even if you have complete faith in them.
Employ robust passwords. Employ robust passwords that pose a challenge to predict. It is unwise to reuse passwords across multiple accounts.
Install security software Implement security software on both your computer and mobile device in order to safeguard against malware and additional hazards.
Be aware of your surroundings Maintain vigilance over your online environment, particularly when utilizing public Wi-Fi.
Trust your instincts Something is likely incorrect if it feels off. Walk away without fear from any situation that causes you discomfort.


Bear in mind that you are not alone. There are individuals who are capable of providing assistance during this challenging period.

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