AT&T 70M Clients Records are hacked Claimed by a credible source

AT&T 70M Clients Records are hacked Claimed by a credible source

AT&T 70M Clients Records are hacked Claimed by a credible source

There has been a guaranteed AT&T hack of individual data from 70 million customers, not exactly seven days after an affirmed hack of tens of millions of T-Mobile customer records. In both cases, the data incorporates federal retirement aide numbers.

A notable threat actor is selling private data that was supposedly collected from 70 million AT&T customers. We broke down the data and discovered it to incorporate government-managed retirement numbers, dates of birth, and other private information. The hacker is asking $1 million for the entire database (direct sell) and has given Restore Privacy selective information for this report.

In the first post that we found on a hacker gathering, the client posted a little example of the data. We analyzed the example and it seems, by all accounts, to be authentic dependent on accessible freely available reports. Additionally, the client who posted it has a history of significant data breaches and exploits.

While we cannot yet affirm the data is from AT&T customers, everything we analyzed gives off an impression of being legitimate. Here is the data that is accessible in this leak:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Physical address
  • Email address
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth

More worryingly, the hacker is chipping away at decrypting data that he accepts including client accounts’ PINs.

The site’s Sven Taylor tells me that the example records he checked on are too few to say for certain that the source was AT&T, but the hacker concerned has been demonstrated correct about “many significant holes and breaches,” making him a believable source.

AT&T has given a solitary sentence statement that misses the mark regarding a categorical disavowal:

In view of our investigation today, the information that showed up in an internet chat room doesn’t seem to have come from our systems.

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