Bengaluru: Software Engineer Cheated Out of ₹1.6 Lakhs While Looking for a Rental Apartment

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Bengaluru News: A computer engineer from Kolkata alleges that he lost ₹1.6 Lakhs whilst seeking rental housing in Bengaluru on the Real Estate web NoBroker.  A flat in Marathahalli seemed like a reasonable choice for the engineer and his fiancée as they prepared to move to the city.  The owner, posing as an army commander, demanded ₹4,000 to complete the transaction and promised him a Government-granted apartment through a reputable leasing portal in exchange for the money.  The crooks, meanwhile, ceased communication once the engineer deposited the money, and NoBroker removed the listing while denying any wrongdoing.

Finding a quality home in Bengaluru might be difficult.  Bengaluru landlords currently present ridiculous eligibility requirements before renting their apartments.  A Bengaluru homeowner just declined to rent his apartment to an individual because he received 75% on his Class 12 exam.  A techie now alleges that he was scammed out of ₹1.6 Lakhs while looking for a home online in the IT capital.

By engaging in eight online transactions, the technician, a native of Kolkata, ultimately lost his hard-earned money to online scammers.  He intended to relocate to Bengaluru with his girlfriend as he had to begin his new job on June 1.

In an interview with a reputed reporting house, the 25-year-old individual who a renowned IT company in Kadubeesanahalli had recently hired described his experience: “I had been searching online for rental properties because my partner and I were considering moving to Bengaluru.  On the NoBroker, a real estate website, there was a tempting offer for a Marathahalli apartment. Two months’ worth of rent was required to be deposited in advance, and the monthly rate was ₹25,000.  I contacted the number that was supplied, and the proprietor introduced himself as an Indian Army officer deployed in Mumbai.”

The software engineer urged the army officer to proceed with the agreement to rent because he liked the Marathahalli home.

“The Army commander put me in touch with someone he said was the managerial staff of his Bengaluru apartment, and the two requested me to send an initial payment of ₹4,000 through GooglePay as token money to finalize the purchase.  They even informed me that I was required to buy a visiting pass in order to see the (government-granted) property and that the fee was reimbursable.  I trusted them as much as I did the NoBroker website, which seemed to have a good reputation, he said.  The thieves went silent shortly after he deposited the money.

Who Was To Blame?

In the meantime, NoBroker has taken down the apartment’s listing from its website.  However, it has demanded payment from the client repeatedly without confirming the ‘owner’s’ identity.

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