BGMI to Again Get Banned in India; This Time, Seema Haider Might Be The Reason


BGMI to Again Get Banned in India; This Time, Seema Haider Might Be The Reason

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), a well-liked mobile gaming application, faces a challenging future on account of possible data transfer issues and government allegations.

The future of BGMI in India is dark, as the widely used mobile gaming application is once again at risk of being prohibited. As a result of the prospective ban, Seema Haider, who fell in love with an Indian man while playing the game, may now be implicated.  Despite differentiating Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) from PUBG Mobile, the Indian government has expressed concerns regarding possible data transfers to servers associated with China. Apprehensions have been generated regarding the possible exploitation of user data, encompassing location data, audio recordings, and other confidential information.

A senior official from the cybersecurity division of the Union government, who is tasked with coordinating with law enforcement agencies, has reportedly proposed the termination of the application, as reported by News18.

A number of factors have given rise to concerns, one of which is the alleged encounter between Pakistani national Seema Haider and her partner Sachin Meena via the platform, upon her entrance into India.

The Indian government has voiced apprehensions regarding the potential misuse of BGMI-collected data, which may comprise audio, location, and other pertinent information, for the purposes of cyberattacks or surveillance. BGMI was perceived as a rebranded iteration of PUBG Mobile, a game that had been previously prohibited on account of its affiliation with a Chinese company [AFK Gaming].

According to reports, the game’s servers are situated in the United States; however, regulatory bodies are vigilant in preventing the transmission of data to alternative servers overseas. The matter has incited an extensive investigation focused on Krafton, the organization responsible for BGMI; their reply is avidly anticipated.

Preparation is underway for a meeting slated for the following week that is expected to offer clarification on the subject. The company will be afforded the opportunity to present its case during this meeting, while central agencies will reconsider their stance prior to reaching a definitive determination concerning the game’s destiny.

Why was BGMI Banned in 2022?

In 2022, India had once prohibited BGMI on account of data security concerns.  The government expressed concern that user information, including location and audio, could potentially wind up on servers that are connected to China, thereby generating apprehensions regarding potential misuse.

The link between BGMI and PUBG Mobile, which had previously been prohibited for comparable reasons, increased suspicion.  Concerns increased despite the fact that BGMI is a distinct application; its developers’ affiliation with a Chinese firm added to the mix. Due to these various factors, BGMI was discontinued in July 2022.

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