Big Action Preparation on Cyber Fraud; Government Asked Companies to Stop Fake International Calls

Big Action Preparation on Cyber Fraud

Big Action Preparation on Cyber Fraud; Government Asked Companies to Stop Fake International Calls

The central government has given instructions to stop fake international calls that look like Indian numbers. These numbers commit cyber fraud. In fact, recently many reports have revealed that many fake international numbers, which look like Indian numbers, are cheating innocent people. Let us know about this in detail.

Cases of cyber fraud have been reported in almost every state and city of India. Cybercriminals use different tricks to cheat innocent people. Not only this, recently some such cases have come to light where the caller is abroad, but his number looks like an Indian number.

The central government has instructed that fake international calls that look like Indian numbers should be stopped. Regarding this, PIB informed that some calls look like Indian numbers, but in reality, they are foreign calls, which are made by cybercriminals. Companies have been instructed to stop them.

This is How Cyber Thugs Hide their Identity

Information told that cyber criminals hide their real identity by changing the Calling Line Identity (CLI). Such calls are involved in scams like fake digital arrests, FedEx scams, drugs/narcotics courier scams, and fake police officers or CBI officers.

A Special System has been Prepared, People will Benefit

The Department of Telecommunication (DoT) and Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) have prepared a system. With its help, fake international calls can be identified and blocked.


Fake Landline Numbers Have Already Been Blocked

Telecom service providers have already blocked fake international calls using Indian landline numbers on the instructions of DoT.

People Get Help from Sanchar Sathi Portal

The Department of Telecommunication has already taken several steps regarding the safety and security of Indian people. This includes the Sanchar Sathi portal, which has been designed to keep telecom users safe.

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