Bill Murray Lost Crypto Funds From a Hacking Incident After $185,000 Charity Auction

We all know that cryptocurrency has its fanbase. Many people want to put their money on a bet for this type of money token. These tokens are always higher in comparison to the stock market because apart from local citizens, several popular brands are bidding while thinking of hard returns.

Due to the competition, companies release a low count of tokens so that the bidding goes much higher than normal. In this case, some of the local traders get their money down with hopes. But whoever got the right decision could even make a higher amount of money within a sec.

This is kind of quick money but it can turn a situation into losing money. But in today’s case, a celebrity was victimized by Crypto Currency Attack. The attacker sneakily got into the database and tried to steal the funds in the form of NFTs. Let’s see what was the case, and how it proceeded.

Bill Murray’s NFT Auction’s funds have been hacked by adversaries. On Thursday, the worth of these funds was raised to 119.2 ETH ($1,85,00) for charity, which is ultimately a big shock for the holders.

Murray Team, On-Chain Data, Etherscan

Murray’s wallet was evacuated on Thu, 7:00 p.m. ET. Moreover, the adversary didn’t stop at that, Anonymous also tried to steal Murray’s collection of non-fungible tokens.

Well, this is not the first time a celebrity got in trouble due to social engineering, and online hacking. But if we look closely at the issue, we can see that even the celebrities with a load of money couldn’t even protect themselves from such attacks.

Crypto hacks and theft is common but people could not accept that as it is cuz they put so much thought into loading their money somewhere, where they can multiply it by more. In the end, if they get to fight with this situation, then that would be troublesome for them.

Good News for Murray

Fortunately, Murray was fortunate enough to have the back of the wallet security team, which stopped the activity from going out of control. If that wouldn’t stop, it might have become the reason for a big theft.

According to Murray’s team, the hacker transferred the stolen funds to a wallet address bound to the crypto exchange Binance and As of now, the hacker’s Anonymous.

“The Murray’s highly expensive JPEGs — which include a Damien Herst NFT, two CryptoPunks, a Pudgy Penguin, a Cool Cat, and several Flower Girls — were transferred to a pair of safehouse wallets by the actor’s wallet security team from NFT consultancy Project Venkman team.”

Project Venkman, Solution

It’s great that Project Venkman was able to stop the malicious attack and saved Bill Murray’s Collection of 800 NFTs. Practically these collections were in the wallet at the time of the attack. After claiming those NFTs, Project Venkman transferred those to a safehouse wallet for the time being. According to them, they expected a script to transfer the NFTs safely, and automatically.

In terms of funds, they got bad luck. It’s confirmed by a spokesperson that the 119.2 ETH Murray had donated earlier than a charity auction was stolen by the hacker.

“The marketplace’s spokesperson said that —although the original ETH has been lost — the auction runner-up and Coinbase user Mishap72 has donated 120 ETH ($187,500) to Chive Charities to make up for the loss of the crypto donation.”

To get to the business, Murray’s team already filed an FIR against the hacker, and they are working in cooperation with Chainalysis, a crypto analytics firm.


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