bitcoin core password recovery

Bitcoin Core Password Recovery With Hashcat

Bitcoin:  is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Bitcoin can be sent user-to-user without any intermediaries. Basically, It is a computer file that is stored in the “bitcoin wallet” application which is installed on digital devices. People can send and receive bitcoin from the bitcoin wallet with other people. Every transaction history is recorded in a public list called a blockchain.
Bitcoin Core:  is a bitcoin client and the building backbone of the network. It gives you a high level of security, privacy, and stability.

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How to create an encrypted wallet in bitcoin core?

Step 1: Open Bitcoin core wallet

bitcoin core
Maine windows of bitcoin core

Step 2: Click on “Create a new wallet” and write the wallet name in this case I use “test” and check on “Encrypt Wallet” and click on create

new encrypted wallet
create a new encrypted wallet on bitcoin core wallet

Step 3: Enter the “wallet passphrase”(password) for the demo I use “123”

wallet passphrase
wallet passphrase(password)

Step 4:Conform the warning by pressing “yes”

bitcoin core encrypted wallet
bitcoin-core encrypted wallet warring message

Step 5: Press ok

press ok
press ok

Step 6: Your Encrypted wallet is ready

bitcoin-core wallet
bitcoin-core wallet is ready

How to recover bitcoin core wallet passphrase(password) with hashcat?

Step 1: Get the wallet hash with

get hash from wallet with

Step 2: store the hash in a text file

store hash in text fille
store hash in-text fille and display text file

Step 3: password recovery with brute force

hashcat -a 3 -m 11300 wallet_hash.txt ?a?a?a



bitcoin-core password recovered
bitcoin-core password recovered by Bruteforce

 Password recover with Wordlist 


hashcat -a 0 -m 11300 wallet_hash.txt pass.txt –show

bitcoin-core Password recover
bitcoin-core Password recovery with Wordlist

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