Canada Reconsiders Its Ban on Flipper Zero

Canada Reconsiders Its Ban on Flipper Zero

The Canadian government declared its intention to prohibit the sale of the Flipper Zero in February 2024, primarily due to allegations that it was utilized to pilfer automobiles.

The portable Flipper Zero is capable of conducting penetration testing, specifically targeting access control systems and wireless devices.

If that fails to impart comprehension regarding its capabilities, a few instances culled from the news may be of assistance.

Versions of Flipper Zero that utilized third-party firmware were capable of causing iPhones running iOS 17 to malfunction (a vulnerability that has since been fixed in iOS 17.2).

Subsequently, news outlets uncovered details that car criminals could employ the Flipper Zero to intercept, record, and occasionally imitate the signal of a vehicle’s key fob and, if the vehicle was parked in a garage, the garage door opener signal as well.

Notably, this function is exclusive to older automobile models that employ static numeric identifiers for their key fobs. Rolling codes, in contrast, involve automobiles where the numeric code dispensed from a key fob is modified with every usage. Consequently, auto criminals persisted in disregarding the Flipper Zero in favor of significantly more potent key fob signal boosters and keyless repeaters.

Surprisingly, the prohibition on the Flipper Zero in Canada was primarily cited as a consequence of the car-stealing feature. Nevertheless, Francois-Philippe Champagne, the Minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry of Canada, stated:

“We are banning the importation, sale, and use of consumer hacking devices, like flippers, used to commit these crimes.”


A cohort of security researchers recently disclosed a sequence of susceptibilities present in the DormakabaSaflok electronic RFID locks, which are extensively utilized. Over 3 million doors in over 13,000 locations in 131 countries are susceptible to this vulnerability, the majority of which are hotels.

An attacker reportedly requires only one keycard to execute the assault against any of the property’s doors. This keycard could be one that the guest removed from the express checkout collection receptacle or even one that has expired.

This breach can be executed on any device that has the ability to emulate MIFARE Classic cards and read, write, or print them. MIFARE is a 1994-introduced contactless card technology. Although primarily intended for transport permits, its technological prowess rapidly propelled it to the forefront of smart card usage for data storage and access control.

The Flipper Zero is one device that could be utilized in this attack; however, a Proxmark 3 or any NFC-capable Android phone would also suffice.

Following a security community appeal, it appears that Canada will now proceed with measures to restrict the use of devices such as Flipper Zero to authorized actors only. Following consultations with Canadian businesses, online retailers, and the automotive industry, the precise details will be disclosed.

The Bottom Line

The technology contained within the Flipper Zero is not particularly original; rather, it merely integrates a variety of functions into a single portable device.  There have been no officially confirmed instances of larceny involving Flipper Zeros.  If you wish to prohibit something that aids in preventing vehicle larceny, consider keyless repeaters, which are commercially available for a variety of automobile manufacturers and serve no other function.

Despite the existence of vulnerabilities that were delineated, patches were released to rectify the problems and enhance global security.  However, the implementation of these patches was not universal; updating every lock in a hotel would require a substantial amount of effort, and retrofitting older vehicle key fob systems is not achievable.  However, pen testers’ research has resulted in enhanced security measures; therefore, it is illogical to advocate for the removal of their instruments.

If we have piqued your interest in purchasing a Flipper Zero, we strongly advise you to exercise caution. Scammers are active as a result of the limited availability and will steal your money without providing anything in return.

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