Canadian Job Scam Smashes Punjab Village: 178 Youths Defrauded of ₹2.3 Crore

Canadian Job Scam

Canadian Job Scam Smashes Punjab Village: 178 Youths Defrauded of ₹2.3 Crore

A disconcerting incident of employment deception occurred when 178 aspiring individuals from a small town located in Punjab’s Gurdaspur region were ensnared by a fraudulent scheme that falsely guaranteed prosperous professional opportunities in Canada. Popinder Singh and his colleague, Preeti, are currently evading authorities following their fraudulent activities resulting in the misappropriation of a substantial sum of Rs 2.3 crore from unsuspecting individuals. The intricate scheme, characterized by the production of counterfeit documents and acts of deception, has instilled a sense of hopelessness within the local community and prompted the initiation of a criminal inquiry.

The Fatal Confrontation

The initial encounter occurred in January of the current year, when Palwinder Singh, a businessperson hailing from Ghaziabad, coincidentally saw Popinder Singh at a social gathering. Popinder, hailing from Pathankot, assumed the identity of a high-ranking human resources executive affiliated with Zenith Manpower Services, a well-regarded corporation headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. The proposition was alluring – a prospective employment prospect in Canada, a nation renowned for its aspirational opportunities.


However, Popinder’s idea extended beyond a single employment. The individual enticed Palwinder to engage in the recruitment of around 500 young individuals for several sectors inside Canada, promising him monetary compensation for each candidate who successfully secured a position. Palwinder, upon his arrival in the village of Chawa in Gurdaspur, initiated a pursuit aimed at fulfilling his commitment to the establishment of more environmentally sustainable landscapes.

The Enticing Proposal

In the village of Chawa, Palwinder encountered a considerable number of enthusiastic young individuals who were anxious to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The proposition was highly attractive, as the monthly remuneration in Canada far surpassed the annual earnings of many individuals – a substantial amount of 3,380 Canadian dollars, approximately comparable to Rs 2 lakh.

Palwinder, in retrospect, articulated, “He purportedly managed the recruitment processes for Zenith Manpower Services in Canada.” In light of his imperative to recruit a cohort of 500 young individuals within the forthcoming months, I returned to my rural community and conducted inquiries. The offer possessed sufficient allure. In a short span of time, I managed to compile a comprehensive roster consisting of 178 young individuals who expressed their willingness to bear the expenses associated with acquiring the visa and other essential paperwork.

The Scam Unfolds

A total of 178 individuals seeking employment were requested to make payments of varied sums, ranging from Rs 80,000 to 1.5 lakh, in order to commence the visa application procedure. Within a short period, a total of 61 individuals were provided with air tickets and offer letters, which served as catalysts for their aspirations of a more promising future in a foreign country.

Nevertheless, their aspirations were of brief duration. Merely seventy-two hours subsequent to their initial purchase, while verifying the status of their tickets via an online platform, the individuals were astounded to ascertain that their tickets had been invalidated. Filled with apprehension and distress, the individuals hurriedly made their way to the Delhi branch of Zenith Manpower Services, only to encounter assurances that their tickets would be rescheduled, which ultimately proved to be unfulfilled.

The aforementioned series of events occurred on two subsequent occasions, culminating in the annulment of tickets and a growing sense of skepticism among those affected. Perceiving an underlying discrepancy, the individual made the decision to assume agency and proceeded to attend the Canadian Embassy located in Delhi.

The Illusion Exposed

The revelation has begun to unfold at the Canadian Embassy. The embassy officials disclosed that the documents submitted by Popinder and Preeti were determined to be counterfeit, shattering the aspirations of two aspiring individuals seeking employment opportunities. In the interim, Popinder, Preeti, and their colleagues at the Delhi office had deactivated their mobile devices and secured the premises, vanishing without leaving any discernible evidence.

Criminal Investigation Underway

The individuals who fell prey to this intricate fraudulent scheme, currently confronted with not only monetary setbacks but also disillusioned aspirations, lodged their complaints with the relevant authorities. The prompt action taken by Vivek Yadav, Deputy Commissioner of Police (rural), involved promptly initiating the process of filing a First Information Report (FIR) against Popinder and Preeti. The charges brought against them encompass many sections of the Indian Penal Code, such as criminal breach of trust, cheating, forgery, criminal conspiracy, and the utilization of fake papers.

As the ongoing investigation progresses, it is evident that the 178 young individuals from Chawa, along with their families, are now faced with the task of rebuilding their shattered hopes. This situation highlights the significance of exercising thorough research and caution while embarking on possibilities abroad.

This poignant occurrence acts as a poignant reminder to consistently authenticate the legitimacy of propositions that appear excessively advantageous, particularly when they pertain to transformative prospects in a foreign territory.


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