Caution: A Female Professor Shocked as She Was Duped of ₹48 Lakhs in No Time

A Female Professor Shocked as She Was Duped

Caution: A Female Professor Shocked as She Was Duped of ₹48 Lakhs in No Time

The scope of cyber criminals is increasing in Bihar. However, the police are also active in this now, 44 cyber police stations have been opened in the state, even after which the number of cyber crimes seems to be increasing.

At the same time, a new case of cyber fraud has come to light in Bihar. In Bhagalpur, thugs have cheated a woman professor of Tilkamanjhi University of ₹47.6 Lakh.  The surprising thing is that the woman professor was in contact with the thugs for 11 days.  The swindlers cleared the amount from her bank account not in one go but several times.

₹48 Lakh were Stolen

Woman Professor Neelima told the police that on June 10, a call came on her mobile number claiming to be from a courier. The caller said that her laptop, mobile, and passport were stuck at the airport. Your Aadhar card is also there. After this, a call came from another number saying that we were talking to Mumbai Crime Branch. You are being targeted by criminals lodged in Mumbai jail, you are in danger.

Cybercriminals intimidated the female professor by saying that she was in danger and took her bank account details on 11th June.  After this, two FDs of the female professor were broken.  The cunning thugs first stole ₹3.05 Lakh from the FD and then ₹2.05 Lakh from the second one.

Meanwhile, the thugs also forbade the professor from saying anything to anyone. The female professor kept believing the thugs.  After this, the accused took the SIP information from her and got ₹42.5 Lakh withdrawn from it and transferred it to their account.  Not only this, the thugs also assured the woman that the money would be returned.

Filled A Complaint with the Police

The victim said that on the night of 20th June, the phone of the cyber thugs got switched off.  After which she suspected fraud. She immediately called 1930 and gave all the information to the police.  Along with this, a case was also registered at Bhagalpur Cyber ​​Police Station.

How To Avoid Such Frauds?

  • If you get a call to send money by changing the voice of a relative or friend, first of all, call yourself once and clarify. Do not trust fake calls.
  • Do not share bank account details
  • Avoid clicking on any unknown link.
  • Keep changing the account password.
  • If you become a victim of cyber fraud, complain on helpline 1930.

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