Congratulations! Tor Browser has Launched new version 11.5

Have you heard about Tor Browser Updates? If not, then today you’re getting the chance to know about it. As one of the most popular browsers, Tor Browser has launched a new version 11.5. This update has brought several new features to ease the users experience in using this browser. The updates are including several features are as follows:

  • Automatic Censorship Detection
  • Bypass
  • Redesigned Settings
  • HTTPS-only by Default

How are these updates going to help users?

This version has come up with several features that would amaze the users in an amazing way. The earlier version wasn’t that bad but new features have added a new life to the technology. Let’s read about the updates that it’s offering!

Tor Browser Version 11.5


1. Automatic Censorship Detection and Bypass One of the best features of this update is its Automatic Censorship Detection. It stops users from taking any action in settings and it also applies a bridge to unblock Tor Browser.

Moreover, this update also introduced a dedicatedConnection Feature”. Following the command of this feature the best bridge configuration will apply considering the user’s location.

2. HTTPS-only (default) Enabling this mode means the surety of all connections to websites are upgraded to use HTTPS. That means no need to worry about an insecure connection. Earlier versions of this browser had an built-in HTTPS Everywhere Feature, that automates rewriting requests for HTTPS URLs to Secure HTTPS.  Moreover, this in-built HTTPS Everywhere Feature was also available in several other browsers.
3. Redesigned Browser Settings This update also featured the Redesigned Setting Menu. It is now known as “Connection Settings”. Options for new bridge cards, Connection Assist, and Bridge Options will be shown in amazing visuals.
4. Better Font Support This version of Tor Browser limits external fonts to ensure safety from online tracking. But, because of poor rendering sometimes these enhanced security measures don’t give much convenience.

Therefore, Top Browser is now loaded with more fonts for better user experience. Users of this browser can update their browser by visiting the official website of this browser.


However, android users still have to wait for its android version because the developers are working on it continuously to improve usability.

What Should You Do After This?

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