Create Custom Wordlist Using Crunch


Create Custom Wordlist Using Crunch


Wordlist is the collection of words (Numbers, Alphabets, Special Characters etc ). Wordlist help to crack password easily as compare to Brute Force attack.


Crunch is a Built-in tool or Pre-installed tool in Kali Linux. Crunch is a wordlist generator tool where you can specify a standard character set or a character set you specify. crunch can generate all possible combinations and permutations. We can create custom wordlist using Crunch tool.


Create Custom Wordlist by Using Crunch

If you simply type ‘crunch’ in your Kali Linux terminal, you will see this type of screen

Crunch Syntax

# crunch <min><max><character set> -t <pattern> -o <output filename>

If I normally type

# crunch 4 6

It will create Large wordlist because we not indicate any character that crunch tool make the wordlist. Where 4 is minimum length of password and 5 is maximum length of password,

It will show like this,

Now we define, where is my output of wordlist generated.

# crunch 4 6 -o /root/

Crunch Other Options

We check manual entry of Crunch tool, by type

# man crunch

You will see this type of screen

-b : the maximum size of the wordlist (requires -o START)

-c : numbers of lines to write to the wordlist (requires -o START)

-d : limit the number of duplicate characters

-e : stop generating words at a certain string

-f : specify a list of character sets from the charset.lst file

-i : invert the order of characters in the wordlist

-l : allows the literal interpretation of @,%^ when using -t

-o : the output wordlist file

-p : print permutations without repeating characters (cannot be used with -s)

-q : Like the -p option except it reads the strings from a specified file

-r : resume a previous session (cannot be used with -s)

-s : specify a particular string to begin the wordlist with

-t : set a specific pattern of @,%^

-z : compress the output wordlist file, accompanied by -o


@ represents lowercase letters

, represents uppercase letters

% represents numbers

^ represents special characters


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