Crime Against Women is Increasing on Social Media, Follow These Easy Steps for Protection

Crime Against Women

Crime Against Women is Increasing on Social Media, Follow These Easy Steps for Protection

Morphed Photos on the Internet

Recently, an account named Pakistan Defense on the micro-blogging site X (formerly Twitter) had tampered with the picture of a girl from Delhi.  A few days ago, a fake Facebook account was created in the name of a woman from Bengaluru.

She was posted on a website providing escort services.  The woman got information about this when she received several calls on the pretext of wishful people for escort services. Later, she lodged a complaint.

Make Obscene Videos with AI for Blackmailing

We have seen so much nowadays that cybercriminals are taking the help of artificial intelligence to create obscene videos of innocent young women so that they can blackmail them in order to remove them from varied social media handles and porn sites.

With the assistance of AI, people are now easily able to make such pornographic-like content of common women and make it posted on obscene sites to make these women look down in front of the whole society.  Some anti-social elements do these kinds of heinous activities just in order to make themselves repay for some deeds that the anti-social elements think the women have done wrong to them in whatsoever manner.

Steps To Avoid Cybercrimes Against Women

Crimes against women have increased on social media. Recently, we celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, 2024, News4Hackers is going to give some tips to women readers along with men to share this article with their fellow women in order to reach every woman’s mobile screen.

All this is to alert our ladies against cyber crimes on social media.  Moreover, women can use social sites without any worries.  For this, they will have to follow some steps. Let us know about them:

  • Avoid posting your personal photos on social media, so that no one can use them.
  • Even if you want to upload a photo, do not make your privacy settings public on your Facebook account.
  • Keep the settings such that strangers cannot see your photo. Only your friends or people associated with your account can see it.
  • Do not accept friend requests from unknown people. Don’t post your personal photos on Twitter. This is not a networking site but a blogging site.
  • Twitter can be set such that no one can follow you without your permission. Usually, people don’t do this.  The more attention you pay to the settings, the more secure your account will be.
  • Use your social media account only on your personal mobile or laptop. If you ever use another system, don’t forget to log out.  After this change the password also.
  • Keep two-step verification on. Create a password anytime by combining numbers and letters. Keep updating the system from time to time.
  • Complain to Cyber Police in case of fraud, misuse of photos or accounts, or any irregularities. Complain on cyber crime helpline 1930.

About The Author:

Yogesh Naager is a content marketer who specializes in the cybersecurity and B2B space.  Besides writing for the News4Hackers blog, he’s also written for brands including CollegeDunia, Utsav Fashion, and NASSCOM.  Naager entered the field of content in an unusual way.  He began his career as an insurance sales executive, where he developed an interest in simplifying difficult concepts.  He also combines this interest with a love of narrative, which makes him a good writer in the cybersecurity field.  In the bottom line, he frequently writes for Craw Security.


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