Crime Branch Cracks Down on a Visa Scam Racket, Scammers Prey on Gulf and Canadian Aspirants

Visa Scam Racket

New Delhi:  The visa racket, which targeted those aspiring for career prospects in Canada and Gulf countries, was effectively dismantled by the Crime Branch of the Delhi Police. The apprehension of three individuals, namely Tarun Kumar, Vinayak (also known as Binni), and Jaswinder Singh, has taken place due to their alleged participation in a scam that resulted in the deception of multiple innocent victims.

Captivating the Aspirants

The issue of visa fraud has emerged as a persistent concern in India, with a specific focus on the vulnerable demographic of ambitious young individuals seeking employment opportunities overseas. Fraudulent individuals assume the role of visa agents, strategically capitalizing on the ambitions of those seeking employment opportunities, and absconding with significant amounts of funds that rightfully belong to both the victims and their respective families.

The Crime Branch recently exposed a visa fraud operation mostly affecting individuals from Kerala who were seeking to obtain visas for the Gulf region, particularly Dubai. The execution of the operation was coordinated by Inamul Haque Ansari, who assumed multiple pseudonyms. A recent revelation has brought to attention another large-scale operation, primarily affecting individuals from Punjab and the surrounding regions.

The Operation Disclosed

The enforcement action was commenced subsequent to the acquisition of intelligence pertaining to persons who had been victims of fraudulent activities perpetrated by a corporate entity identified as Birla-G, which is situated in Chandigarh, Punjab. The individuals affected were given assurances of Canadian visas, only to subsequently ascertain that the visas provided were counterfeit. Tarun and Karan, the individuals responsible, established an additional office known as “Chandigarh to Abroad” in Sector-34A, Chandigarh. A legal complaint was filed against the individuals in question, as documented in First Information Report (FIR) No. 253/2023. The charges brought forth include violations of sections 406, 420, 468, 471, and 34 of the Indian Penal Code.

Crime Branch’s Prompt Response

The investigation into the case was promptly initiated by the Crime Branch, which efficiently formed a specialized squad under the leadership of Inspector Manmeet Malik. The squad comprised Sub-Inspector Rajender Dhaka, Sub-Inspector Vikas, Assistant Sub-Inspector Jai Kumar, Head Constables Amrish, Bijender, Amit, Sachin, Monit, as well as Woman Head Constable Pushpa and Constable Yogender. The aforementioned action was carried out under the careful oversight of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Ramesh Lamba, as directed by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Amit Goel.

The team conducted a comprehensive investigation by employing a wide range of resources, such as call detail records, client application forms, internet protocol data records, bank statements, IP logs, online wallets, and goods and services tax data. The research team successfully identified email addresses that were associated with cellphone numbers utilized by the individuals involved in fraudulent activities.

A law enforcement operation was conducted at the premises of the “Chandigarh to Abroad” office located in Sector-34, Chandigarh. As a result, Tarun was apprehended for being in possession of counterfeit documents, laptops, passports with fraudulent visas, barcode fabrication devices, laminating machines, and assorted stationery materials commonly employed in the act of document forgery. Subsequent investigation found that Tarun had been orchestrating the scheme while assuming the identity of an employee named Jaswinder Singh. Consequently, Tarun, Jaswinder, and Vinayak (alias Binni) were apprehended.

Modus Operandi

Through the process of interrogation, it was ascertained that Tarun Kumar assumed the role of the principal instigator behind the operation. Despite having only passed his 12th grade, the individual in question engaged the services of graduate employees to assist in the process of acquiring a manpower license from the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, using the names of said employees. The utilization of this deceitful strategy enabled him to elude the observation of law enforcement agencies. The individual employed social media marketing and telephone outreach in multiple states to specifically reach out to prospective clients, offering consultancy services and assistance with visa preparations. The victims were subjected to upfront charges ranging from ₹50,000 to ₹2,00,000, with the specific amount varying based on the intended place of travel. Deception tactics were employed at multiple phases of the visa application process, encompassing fees associated with the application itself, medical expenses, charges for job offer letters, and the provision of counterfeit visas through the transmission of images via the messaging platform WhatsApp. The aforementioned deceptive plan resulted in the misappropriation of funds from clients, amounting to around ₹15 to ₹20 lakhs per individual. Tarun Kumar recruited a workforce of more than 20 workers for various positions, including tele-callers, account managers, and liaisons, with the aim of attracting consumers. Thus far, a total of over one thousand individuals have been victimized by their fraudulent activities, which have been carried out under a multitude of deceptive business names such as Birla-G, Fast Visa, World Wide Future, Mastermind Overseas, Sri Sai Education, SS Education, Viswash International, Chandigarh to Abroad, and Royal Visa.

Results of Evidence Recovered

A significant quantity of evidence was confiscated by law enforcement officials, encompassing six passports that contained forged Canadian visas, as well as stamps and seals. Additionally, a swipe machine, laptops, printers, folders containing photocopies of visas and various documents, a laminator machine, a barcode printer, and rolls utilized for the production of barcode stickers and other fraudulent materials were also seized.

Visa Scam Racket

Previous Involvement in Criminal Activity

Tarun Kumar has a history of involvement in two instances of fraudulent activity that were officially documented in Punjab. Similarly, Vinayak (Binni) has been implicated in one case of deceitful behavior that was recorded within the confines of the aforementioned state.

Accused Profiles

  1. Tarun Kumar(43 years, resident of Kurali, Mohali, Punjab):  The individual responsible for orchestrating this fraudulent scheme, Tarun, who possessed only a high school education, served as the mastermind behind the operation. The individual in question engaged the services of employees who had completed their graduate studies in order to create a false appearance, which enabled him to successfully secure a license for a Manpower business from the Ministry of External Affairs.
  2. Vinayak (Binni) (29 years, resident of Professor Colony, Sirhind, District Fatehgarh, Punjab):  Vinayak, who obtained his degree from Punjab University, facilitated the provision of agents to Tarun Kumar and engaged in the production of counterfeit visas. The individual’s father is engaged in the enterprise of real estate transactions.
  3. Jaswinder Singh (25 years, resident of Seel Road, Bahadurgarh, Patiala, Punjab):  Jaswinder, a trusted confidant of Tarun Kumar, assumed the role of a visa agent and deceitfully portrayed himself as the proprietor of the enterprise known as “Chandigarh to Abroad.”

The Delhi Police has implemented a substantial measure aimed at eliminating visa fraud, and those persons who have been apprehended will be subjected to the complete legal consequences for their illicit actions. This operation’s accomplishment serves as a cautionary message to individuals involved in fraudulent activities, while also providing some solace to the victims who experienced the unjust loss of their aspirations and diligently earned finances.

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