Cyber Attackers Hit Hard to Puma Servers stealing 50% of its employees’ database by Kronos Ransomware Attacks

Cyber Attackers Hit Hard to Puma Servers

Cyber Attackers Hit Hard to Puma Servers

Puma data breach by Kronos Ransomware Attacks

A worldwide attack has happened on the Puma ransomware attack servers resulting in half of its employees’ databases have been compromised by the attackers following Kronos ransomware attacks.

Highlights of the Kronos Ransomware attacks:

  • Puma Data Breach happens on the personal information of Puma employees.
  • No customer database has been reported stolen yet.
  • The attack was made using Kronos Ransomware protocols to only steal the employees’ data.
  • Almost 6,632 Puma employees have been affected by the Puma Data Breach.

Puma Data Breach Kronos Ransomware

The worldwide famous sports gear and apparel manufacturer Puma reportedly survived a huge data breach after the latest Kronos ransomware attack on its cloud servers resulting in almost 6,632 employees’ databases has been stolen by the attackers.

Puma ransomware attack

In earlier February, a board meeting of the numerous attorney generals had been conducted from which the concerning information has come into light that some ransomware attacks had happened on the cloud servers of Kronos – a workforce or human resource management and payroll distribution solutions provider company.

Kronos found out about this misdeed on January 7, 2022, but notified Puma of this data breaching incident on January 10, 2022, taking this time to calculate the number of affected employees of the sports manufacturer to be notified in clear words or/with figures.

However, the actual number of stolen employees’ data has not been cleared by Kronos but as per some share information, 6,632 is a rough estimate that the number of employees affected due to this malicious Puma Data Breach.


 PUMA data breach after Kronos ransomware attack
PUMA data breach after Kronos ransomware attack

Kronos Data Breach File

Kronos – a human resource management solutions provider which holds the employee database of many reputed organizations including Tesla, and Puma, along with some of the very famous health, public sector, and university customers; enterprise like the YMCA; and smaller organizations comprising some restaurants and retailers.

Moreover, some of the hidden resources also say that Kronos –  the distinguished workforce management solutions provider has been asked by a huge ransom by the attackers for providing the corresponding decryption key or else they will upload the Kronos Data Breach File on the dark web and extract money from thereafter duly selling the data to the rival companies.


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