Cyber Criminals Arrested from Bihar have Pakistani Connection, Police and Intelligence Agencies Alert


Cyber Criminals Arrested from Bihar have Pakistani Connection, Police and Intelligence Agencies Alert

Patna, Bihar:  Pakistan connections of cyber criminals arrested from Bihar have come to light.  Along with Bihar Police, now other agencies including Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) are interrogating them and the police have received many important and confidential information.  The arrested accused was in constant contact with the Pakistani person.

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Police raided Bihar’s East Champaran district and arrested five cyber criminals on Friday.  Pakistani connections with these cybercriminals have come to light.  Direct contact of gang leader Mani Bhushan Ram with a person sitting in Karachi has come to light.  Evidence of a conversation with him on a particular number for five to seven minutes last month has also been found.

After receiving this information, the Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) team and officials of other security agencies interrogated the arrested criminals.  After this, everyone was sent to jail on Saturday.

SP Kantesh Kumar Mishra said that an investigation is going on into the 11 mobile phones and one laptop found with the arrested criminals.  Call details of all mobiles are being extracted.  The district police will take these miscreants on remand and interrogate them.  Initial investigation revealed that illegal withdrawal of money was done by cyber criminals through net banking.

Evidence of illegal withdrawal of more than one crore rupees by the arrested accused has been found. Money has been embezzled from 31 different bank accounts.

Apart from Bihar, the gang also has bank accounts in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Kerala.  A letter has been written to bank managers to freeze all related accounts.  Police are trying to find out about the WhatsApp call. Gang leader Mani Bhushan has talked to a person in Karachi on WhatsApp Call.  Police are finding out what kind of people Mani Bhushan has relations with within Pakistan.

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