Cyber Fraud caused a loss of ₹1.38 Lakhs just for receiving Parcel. How Did It Happen? Let’s See!

Cyber Fraud caused a loss of ₹1.38

An Ahmedabadi woman faced a cyber fraud incident due to which she lost….

Recently a lot of cyberfraud cases arising due to low-level cybersecurity measures and awareness. For a few months, a huge amount of innocent people have been prayed by fraudsters online. A recent case was like an Ahmedabadi woman who fell for a cyber fraud trap that caused her loss of a huge amount of money.

TOI, Report

It says Mitiksha Sheth (25), who is a fashion designer from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has lost ₹1.38 Lakh just from clicking a link to receive a parcel. The victim had given a cloth to a tailor in paldi for stitching. After stitching the dress, the tailor informed the order had been dispatched. Even after 2-3 days of continuous calling, she didn’t receive her dress. Thus, she started tracking her order using the courier details the tailor provided.

Cyber Fraud caused a loss of ₹1.38

Incident Details

11 May, she recalled that she had given her clothes to be stitched in paldi to a tailor. Accordingly, she was informed that she would get my order through courier. After waiting for 2 days straight, she tracked it on Google.

After a few minutes, she received a call from an unknown number imitating coming from the courier services. Moreover, after that fraudster asked for delivery fee to deliver the parcel. Then he asked for ₹5 to receive the parcel.

Accordingly, the fraudster sent a link for payment. Then ₹5 was paid via link.  Then she was asked for an additional fee of ₹5. The second transaction made her a bit cautious of the online fraud that is why she deactivated her bank account.

She didn’t even use her phone from May 13, 2023 to May 21, 2023 due to being on vacay. Few days later the call, she checked her account which showed low on balance. After that, she was trying to send some money to her friend, but her account showed insufficient funds.

Further, she reached bank and got her statement showing debited amount of ₹1.38 in 4 transactions on May 12, 2023 and May 13, 2023. A sudden realization, and she placed a cyber fraud case via the cybercrime helpline related to cheating, & breach of trust under IPC and IT Act.


Even thought the investigation hasn’t closed, the cybercrime department alerted people of such scams. People are advised not to share confidential data, OTP or passwords with anonymous people. Moreover, not to click on objectional links for payments.

Just like the incident mentioned in this article, anyone can become victim to the online frauds. You must avoid scams and beware of suspicious schemes that imitates exciting rewards.

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