Cyber Fraud Gang that Cheated ₹103 Crores in Bihar Busted, Used To Cheat by Posing as Police

Cyber Fraud Gang

Cyber Fraud Gang that Cheated ₹103 Crores in Bihar Busted, Used To Cheat by Posing as Police

A Fake Police Gang is busted in Bihar which cheated common people of approx. ₹103 Crores by threatening them with various means.

Muzaffarpur, Bihar:  In Muzaffarpur, Bihar, police have exposed a big gang involved in cyber fraud. The gang has defrauded different people of more than ₹103 crore.  The shocking thing is that these people, posing as police officers, call people threaten them, and extort huge amounts of money.

Since the matter is related to the police, most people do not even lodge a complaint at the police station. On the complaint of a victim, the police laid a trap and caught many criminals of this gang.

According to SSP Rakesh Kumar, in view of the cases of cyber fraud, a team was formed under the leadership of Cyber DSP Seema Devi.  This team raided and arrested half a dozen cyber criminals from Motihari, Darbhanga, and Muzaffarpur.

All these have connections abroad.  The arrested criminals have been identified as Ankit Kumar, Deepak Kumar, Roshan Kumar of Darbhanga district, Arshad Alam, AmjadAlam of Motihari district, and Jitendra Kumar, a resident of Sahebganj, Muzaffarpur.

Police seized 4 laptops, 19 passbooks from different banks, 8 checkbooks, 4 Aadhar cards, 17 debit cards, 5 PAN cards, 13 opening kits, 4 SIM cards, and 7 mobile phones from them.

The targets of these cybercriminals are mostly women. These people call them pretending to be police and extort money from them by threatening them.

A few days ago also, these people had called egg trader Rakesh Kumar, a resident of Sikandarpur in the city, posing as fake police.  Told him that your son is trapped in a rape case, but according to the DNA report, he is innocent. If you want to free him, send ₹80,000/- immediately.  However, Rakesh regained his composure and lodged a complaint with the police regarding the same matter.

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