1 Deployment: With Kubernetes and Docker, which collect a web application with every one of the assets that it needs, designers can deliver the codes rapidly. Prophaze Kubernetes WAF computerized the sending interaction and furnished simplicity of its administration with available and far-reaching fabricated design. 

It gives Layer 7 assurance allowing just the real traffic to go through your web application passage. Likewise, the total interaction is consistent with the business guidelines that assist to characterize approaches in a manner that can be effectively brought into Kubernetes, and the DevOps group would then be able to allot the WAF arrangements to explicit applications. Prophaze WAF covers the whole range of sending arrangements, from solid to microservice.

2 Customize Rules: Cloud-local applications require something other than edge security. Prophaze WAF provides mechanized just as an adaptable standard book to your web applications and sites. The easy-to-use Prophaze dashboard allows you physically to set principles with different channels appropriate for your undertaking. 

It is normal to see that Security groups at a few firms face the difficulty of scaling their Web Application Firewall that has pre-characterized governs and isn’t adaptable. What’s more, because of this, security groups need to invest loads of energy and exertion checking the regions physically that their WAF isn’t covering.

3 Automated Integration: To cause the applications to act regularly, your web application firewall should be viable with your web applications. Prophaze WAF consistently coordinates with each stage and that is its solidarity. 

Likewise, its robotized flexibility permits you to zero in on using the labor in other useful regions. The WAF holds the capacity to battle progressed dangers including record not so great, new malware variations, and zero-day attacks. It gets public mists, virtual private and private clouds like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, just as an on-premise IT framework.

4 Bot and Malicious attack mitigation: Prophaze WAF helps to forestall attacks that others regularly miss. Their DevOps group tenaciously cooperates to continue to refresh new dangers and weaknesses progressively without pestering you with CVE cautions. 

Prophaze WAF outfits your undertaking cloud with each sort of Bot alleviation, DDoS assurance, AI computerization, and shields your web space from OWASP Top 10 attacks. While giving customary programming refreshes, Prophaze WAF likewise guarantees consistency with specialists and government strategies like HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, SOC2, and PCI DSS.

5 Traffic generation: Web application security should be extremely speedy and not delayed down the separating interaction. Prophaze WAF gives hearty security in the cloud climate and Kubernetes at productive expenses. 

The coordinated DevOps consistently update code ceaselessly for rule refreshes or any traffic break. It channels all the undesired malevolent traffic and allows in just the information that is needed by your group. 

Thusly, with Prophaze Technologies, security is customized. Simple organization, Automatic standards, least Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), moderate evaluating, and zero vacation. 

While others require a very long time to finish the arrangement method, Prophaze WAF goes live in only a couple of minutes. These, Prophaze targets giving more secure, less difficult, and reasonable security to all and construct a more grounded and persuasive specialty in the worldwide market.


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