Ethical Hacking Course Online Free Training In Hindi

Ethical Hacking Course in hindi

Ethical Hacking Course Online Free Training In Hindi

Ethical Hacking course online

No ethical hacking certifications like CEH, Eccouncil, and Comptia are all paid certifications you can study from youtube free of cost but appear for ethical hacking certification, you need to pay the Ec-council exam fee for International Exam.

The moral hacking instructional exercise is offered in Hindi to draw in the Hindi students. As cybercrimes are expanding basics of hacking are a subject with principal significance for understudies and young people. In this entrancing reality where new items and new administrations are going the business, it is fundamental to be precautious in regards to hacking. Join an online moral hacking course in Hindi to think about hacking procedures

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Syllabus of Ethical Hacking Course in Hindi

Module 1:  Basic Python:  In this Module, you will find out about the fundamental grammar and design of Python Programming. You will get a total comprehension of Python Basic Syntax and Installation of Python


  • Basic Operators
  • Data Types
  • Loops and Decision Making
  • Functions and Classes
  • Import and Exception HandlignDecorator, Iterator and Generator
  • File Handling

frequently asked Question

  1. Ethical hacking course in Hindi?

Question: In Delhi, where can I find an ethical hacking course in Hindi?

Answer: Craw Cyber Security, New Delhi, Provides all its courses in Hindi and English both. You can choose your ethical hacking course in Hindi from Craw Security.

2. certified ethical hacking course in India?

Question: Which is the best institute for a certified ethical hacking course in India?

Answer: Craw Cyber Security Private Limited, New Delhi is the best institute for certified ethical hacker v11 course in India, very well known in cybersecurity and ethical hacking domain.

3. certified ethical hacking course online? 

Question:  Is it possible to do a certified ethical hacking course online?

Answer: Yes, you can take a certified ethical hacking course online from Craw Cyber Security online Instructor Training mode, where live instructors teach you.

4.certified ethical hacking course near me?       

Question: which training institute is best for a certified ethical hacking course near me? I live in Delhi?

Answer: Craw has two offices in New Delhi, i.e., Saket, Laxmi Nagar; you can choose any of the locations for certified ethical hacking courses nearby.

5.certified ethical hacker salary?

Question: What is the basic certified ethical hacker salary?

Answer: 6 Lakh Per annum to 8 Lakh per annum for certified ethical hacker salary.

6. certified ethical hacker pdf?

Question: where can I find a certified ethical hacker pdf?

Answer: Certified ethical hacker pdf are available once you appear for certified ethical hacker Certification from EC-Council. You will get all EC-council curriculum in the form of pdf in your portal.

7. ceh certification cost in India? 

Question: what is the ceh certification cost in India?

Answer: 35000 INR  + GST is ceh certification cost in India. But there are many Cyber Security Institute that provides ceh certification at a very high price also.

8. ethical hacking certification training?

Question: what is the duration of ethical hacking certification training?

Answer: Certified Ethical Hacking certification training duration is 60 hours and fee varies from 35000 INR to 55000 INR you can check latest discounted prices of the course on craw security website.

9. ethical hacking interview questions and answer 

Question:  where can I find the best ethical hacking interview questions and answers?

Answer:  You can check for the latest ethical hacking interview question and answers. In the tutorial session, you will find all the questions related to ethical hacking

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