Fraudsters Were Doing Cyber Frauds Through Screen Sharing App: Jamtara Police Revealed This


Fraudsters Were Doing Cyber Frauds Through Screen Sharing App: Jamtara Police Revealed This

As per Jamta Police, cyber fraudsters were doing cyber fraud through Screen Sharing Apps that were used to functionalize multiple works.

Jamtara, Jharkhand:  Sitting in Jamtara, cyber criminals used to hack mobile phones through screen-sharing apps and were committing cyber crimes.  Jamtara Cyber Cell has arrested a cybercriminal who was targeting people from other states while sitting in Jamtara, Jharkhand.  Police have received much information from him.

Modus Operandi of Cybercriminals Using Screen-Sharing Apps

Sitting in Jamtara, these cyber criminals were carrying out cybercrime incidents in different ways.  However, most of them were committing fraud through mobile sharing apps.  These cyber criminals used to contact people on the pretext of closing their credit and debit cards.

For this, these people used to have a data bank and after extracting the number from there, they generally call the debit card or credit card holder and pretend to be a bank employee and assure them that their card will be closed.

After this, they used a mobile sharing app by tricking them in different ways and sending a link to them. As soon as this link was clicked, the app was downloaded and these cyber criminals got access to the victim’s mobile.  In this way, by using mobile phones, these people were playing the game of lakhs of rupees.

People from UP, Bihar, and Maharashtra were the Prime Target

During the interrogation of Jamtara Cyber Cell, the accused said that the target of these people were people from Bihar, UP, and Maharashtra.  The biggest reason behind this was that they had the data bank of the people of these three states.

Police are now trying to find out from where these accused got the data. However, it is being told that these people had obtained the data online.  Initial inquiry has revealed that these accused have cheated more than 50 people and many people were their target.  The police team is getting information about other accused of this gang.

Be careful like this:

  • Do not click on any link coming on mobile or computer. This can be dangerous.
  • Do not trust any call regarding a debit credit card. For this, go to the nearest bank branch and get the information yourself.
  • Do not download any app on the phone as per someone’s advice, otherwise your mobile may get hacked.
  • In case of any kind of cyber fraud, call 1930.

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