Free Fire Game Leads To Another Suicide Of A 13 Year Old In Delhi The Capital Of Country :


Free Fire Game Leads To Another Suicide Of A 13 Year Old In Delhi The Capital Of Country

NEW DELHI: The 13-year-old boy was found hanged in his room in the afternoon. This happened near the Civil Line District. This incident happened because the child spent around 40,000 rupees on the ‘FREE FIRE GAME’ from his mother’s account

The mother found that the room was locked from the inside where his son (Raja Pandey) was. After many calls from the mother when he didn’t open the room she then called her brother and her husband. Then they both broke the door from inside and found the boy hanging from the rope tied to the rope then they immediately took the child to the nearest hospital of the District where he was declared dead by the doctors.


The 13-year-old left a suicidal note in the room which stated that he is very sorry that he took 40,000 rs from her account to spend on ‘FREE FIRE GAME’. He wrote in the letter that he was very depressed because of the money he took from her account. At the end of the note, he wrote not to cry.

As soon as the police got to know about this incident, the Civil Lines District police reached the hospital where the boy was taken. Police registered the case. Police reached the place where the incident took place and found the suicidal note and took that note into their powers. On the basis of the suicidal note, police registered the case under suicide this was told by the Civil Lines T.I Rajesh Banjare. The police are further investigating the case.

Parents were aware of their son’s addiction to this game. They used to tell their son to not spent time on this game but that was not enough in the end. This addiction leads the boy to spend a big amount which took him to guilt and then into depression. Which ends up in taking his own life. The family is in great pain now and is waiting for the final investigation report from the police department.

May His Soul Rest In Peace


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