Future Crime Research Foundation Launches “State Chapter” to Build a Cyber-Safe India

Future Crime Research Foundation

Future Crime Research Foundation Launches “State Chapter” to Build a Cyber-Safe India

Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) has taken an essential step in the mission of making a cybercrime-free India. A “State Chapter” has been launched in the nation. This is a new step in our fight for a robust and secure digital world.

The State Chapter aims to work towards the “Police Technology Mission” by adopting future technologies for ground-level policing needs. Volunteers & partners will participate in awareness-raising technology adoption and other new projects.

“Collaboration is The Strength of Cyber Security”

We believe collaboration is the strength of cyber security. Through State Chapters, we aim to foster a powerful network that brings together local government, law enforcement agencies, policymakers, educational institutions, enterprises, researchers, professionals, and most importantly you who are all interested in cyber security.

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“FCRF State Chapters” will be the focus of various initiatives designed to build collective cyber security knowledge and preparedness. These initiatives will include:

  • Training Session

Equip yourself & others with new cybersecurity strategies and best practices. Learn how to identify and defend against emerging cyber threats. How to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your organization.

  • Workshop

Increase your understanding of cybersecurity challenges and solutions. Expand your knowledge in specialized topics like digital forensics, incident response, or secure coding practices.

  • Awareness Campaign

Educate the broader community about the importance of cybersecurity and empower them to protect themselves online. Organize events, workshops, and educational programs to spread awareness among civic businesses and institutions.

  • Events

Participate in conferences, seminars, and other events that promote dialogue and collaboration on cybersecurity issues. Network with fellow security professionals, exchange ideas and stay updated on the latest trends and threats.

Become a Volunteer: Bring Change in Society

We are actively looking for people and organizations interested in cybersecurity to join us in this important mission! As a volunteer, you will play an important role in shaping a safe digital environment for your society and the country as a whole.

Who Can Join an FCRF State Chapter?

S.No. Identities Work
1. Law Enforcement Agencies Collaborate with us to develop effective cybercrime investigation and prevention strategies.
2. Policy Maker Create cyber security policies that are effective, practical, and future-proof.
3. Educational Institutions Incorporate cyber security awareness and training programs into your curriculum.
4. Enterprise Enhance your organization’s cybersecurity by participating in workshops, training sessions, and knowledge-sharing initiatives.
5. Researcher Share your expertise and contribute to the development of new cybersecurity solutions.
6. Professional Use your skills and experience to mentor others and contribute to capacity building.
7. People Interested in Cyber Security Cultivate your passion for cyber security by actively participating in awareness campaigns, workshops, and events.

Why Join the FCRF State Chapter?

Whatever your background, your contribution can make a significant difference. What benefits do you get by joining the FCRF State Chapter:

  • Make a Real Impact: Contribute to a cause that protects India’s digital future. Be a part of something bigger than yourself and help create a safer cyberspace for everyone.
  • Improve Your Skills: Gain valuable knowledge and experience in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity. Deepen your understanding of the cyber threat landscape and prepare yourself for a successful career in cybersecurity.
  • Create Connection: Network with experts and fellow volunteers who share your passion for creating a safer cyberspace. Collaborate with like-minded individuals, learn from experienced professionals, and build a strong network within the cybersecurity community.

Learn about the Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF)

Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) is an IIT Kanpur incubated start-up (NGO) working on cyber security, digital crime, fraud risk management, cyber law, and cyber forensics. ) specializes in research into.

Future Crime Research Foundation

FCRF is also registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013, and Section 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) strives to make India future-ready by making India digitally aware and creating a cyber-secure Indian ecosystem.

Our mission is to provide in-depth research and insights on new age threats and strengthen India, industries, institutions, and society through knowledge sharing, capacity building, skills imparting, and public outreach in the digital sector.

FCRF’s mission is to provide digital solutions to every section of the society.

Ready to join the fight?

If you are eager to take on this challenge, we allow you to express your interest!

For more information about our State Chapter and volunteer opportunities, visit our website at http://futurecrime.org/.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the national movement shaping a secure digital India! Let’s make a lasting impact together.

Contact Information:

Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF)

Website: http://futurecrime.org/


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