Google barred the release of 1.43 million apps that were violating its policies in the Official Google Play Store in 2022

Google barred the release of 1.43 million apps

Google barred the release of 1.43 million apps that were violating its policies in the Official Google Play Store in 2022

Google declared that it would stop a total of 1.43 million apps from being released on the Google Playstore in 2022 due to violations of its policies.  In addition, the IT giant declared that it had barred 1.73 Lakh developer accounts and stopped almost $2 billion in inaccurate and fraudulent operations.

In addition to its ongoing expenditures in machine learning algorithms and app review procedures, Google stated that its gains are due to the effects of enhanced safety measures and policy upgrades.

The company claims that over the last three years, it has stopped around 5 Lakhs submitted apps from needlessly gaining access to private information.

According to a report released by Google, “We’ve upped the threshold for fresh developers to become part of the Google Play environment with the phone, email, and various other verification of identity techniques, that led to a decrease in profiles that were creating violative apps.  As the Android platform grows, it’s crucial for us to collaborate extensively with the community of developers to ensure that they have the resources, expertise, and assistance they need to create reliable apps that uphold user privacy and data security.

According to the business, the App Security Upgrades initiative assisted developers in 2022 in addressing over 5 Lakh security flaws that affected about 3 Lakh apps.

In order to guarantee the security of SDKs employed by app developers, Google is collaborating with SDK suppliers.  In addition, the business introduced the Google Play SDK Rating to rate the dependability and security of SDKs.

The giant of technology is also battling harmful and fake adverts on the genuine Play Store.  In order to enhance the in-app experience for users and forbid unexpected full-screen interstitial advertising, it amended its ads policy for developers.

Moreover, many developers are required to disclose the exact methodology of how their app’s information is gathered, shared, and safeguarded in the Data Safety section of Google Play.

We are still dedicated to protecting Google Play, our community of consumers, and our ecosystem of developers, and we anticipate making many important privacy and security announcements in 2023.  concluded the business.


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