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Cybercrime Inspector D Gandhimathi suggested people not reach fake customer care sites and Apps that provide instant loans after accessing their contact details.

1,762 complaints were registered between June 2022 and May 2023 at Krishnagiri Cyber Crime Wing. Most of them involved Job-related fraud. Adding to that, Superintendent of Police “C Sangu” the complainants lost ₹ 12.60 crore during the period.

C Sangu, Superintendent of Police, to TNIE

“Most victims of assignment completion scams lost money. Most of the scam victims are educated people, especially those from the Hosur district, and the complaints resulted in a total loss of Rs 6.08 crore.”

In addition to this, numerous other people lost money to e-commerce fraud. The complainants lost 38 million rupees. The victims were asked to make a fixed-price purchase via e-commerce platforms, and the con artists cut off communication after receiving a modest sum of money.

Similarly, a job scam was widely publicized close to Pochampalli, where con artists held phony interviews and provided phony offer letters in exchange for payments from applicants disguised as processing fees and other fees.  There were 94 similar complaints in total, and a total of Rs 32 lakh was lost. 86 individuals lost a total of Rs 45 lakh in the loan fraud.


“A con artist dressed in an army uniform will advertise the sale of his vehicle or property for a lower price, and those who accept the offer pay the sum only to receive no property in return. There were 46 similar complaints in all, resulting in a total loss of Rs 18 lakh for the victims.”

The cybercrime team has contacted businesses in Hosur to educate their staff about cybercrime, and a message of awareness will be broadcast at the train station, bus stop, and theaters located around the neighborhood.

D Gandhimathi, Cyber Crime Inspector

Giving call forwarding options is not advised, and nighttime video calls from unknown numbers should be avoided.

Additionally, she warned consumers to avoid phony customer service websites and fast loan applications that access customers’ contact information.

Sub-Inspector J Saranya

A gathering of bank employees will be conducted to raise awareness of phony bank accounts.

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