data breach

HR Company Notifies of A Data Breach

A Colorado-based human resources (HR) service provider, StaffScapes, reported that an email intrusion led to an unapproved entity gaining entry to its IT settings.

The business informed the Maine Attorney General’s Office that potentially personally identifiable or sensitive data might have been made available to cyber adversaries.

Colorado-based StaffScapes provides businesses with a range of HR services, including payroll, benefits administration, and worker compensation.

data breach

In addition to Social Security numbers, it was stated that names or other forms of personal identification might have been disclosed.

Moreover, StaffScapes made a comment to the public, stating, “Once the incident was discovered, we quickly took action to minimize risks, including securing the compromised systems and initiating an investigation into the unauthorized access. We are remaining vigilant, reporting any suspected phishing e-mails, and will continue to screen e-mails carefully to avoid a similar incident in the future.”

The corporation also strengthened two-factor authentication and carried out what it termed a massive password reset.

The February breach had an impact on more than 4,500 people.

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