Illegal withdrawal of ₹7 lakhs by breaking the bank manager’s fixed deposit, one arrested

Illegal withdrawal of ₹7 lakhs

Mobile hacked by pretending to upgrade SIM card from 4G network to 5G network, broke fixed deposit of ₹12 lakhs through bank’s app.

Jamtara: In the case of illegal withdrawal of ₹7 lakhs by breaking the fixed deposit of Rs 12 lakh of the branch manager of Bandhan Bank Angul branch of Odisha, on Wednesday morning, the police of Angul Cyber Crime Station, Odisha, raided Mohda village in collaboration with the Jamtara police.  The raiding team consisted of a 5-member team under the leadership of Angul Cyber Crime Police station in-charge Nirupama Jaina.  During this, Riyazuddin Ansari from Mohda Vanav was found involved.

In the context of the incident, Angul cybercrime station in-charge Nirupama Jaina said that these cybercriminals called and sent a message to Bandhan Bank Angul branch manager Manas Ranjan Khuntia regarding upgrading the 4G mobile to 5G.  Then asked to forward that message to a number.  Branch Manager Manas Ranjan Khuntia forwarded the message to the given number.

After forwarding the number, these cyber criminals hacked their mobiles.  After that, they broke the fixed deposit of ₹12 lakhs through the M-Bandhan app.  Ahead, for the first time on his mobile, the message of illegal withdrawal of ₹2 lakhs came on the branch manager’s mobile.  Further, he blocked his speech in a hurry.  Because of this, the entire amount was saved from being looted.

Odisha Police got one lakh rupees recovered:

In this context, case number 9/23 was registered at Angul Cyber Crime Police Station on April 29 last.  On the spot, the station in-charge said that about ₹1 lakh had been recovered in the cheated amount.  At the same time, ₹1 lakh has been withdrawn from an account in Jharkhand State Rural Bank Jamtara.

Apart from this, in one account of the HDFC Jamtara branch, the amount of fraud has gone, which the branch manager has been asked to hold.  For that, the written process is being done through the court.  There are three accused in the case, he said.  One of whom was arrested.  Those two are still on the run and are marked as absconding.

Odisha Police Taken Accused On Remand:

On Wednesday, Odisha Police presented the arrested cyber-criminal Riyazuddin Ansari in the Jamtara Civil Court after conducting a medical examination from where the Odisha police took him along with them on transit remand.

During the arrest, several documents have also been recovered from Riyazuddin as evidence.  Angul Cyber Crime Station Odisha Police has gathered to investigate this.  On the other hand, two other persons were also detained on the basis of suspicion, which have been released by Odisha Police after interrogation.

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