In 2023, 129 Cybercrimes Per Lakh Citizens Occurred in India

129 Cybercrimes Per Lakh Citizens Occurred in India

In 2023, 129 Cybercrimes Per Lakh Citizens Occurred in India


  • Delhi Worst-Hit With 755; Next Haryana (381) & Telangana (261).
  • Last Year, more than 16 lakh DDoS Bot Attacks hit the G20 portal as the summit began.

Between April 2021 and December 31, 2023, online frauds caused a nationwide loss of ₹10,319 crore. However, timely intervention through the citizen financial cyber fraud reporting and management system (CFCFRMS) and the ‘1930’ financial cyber fraud helpline could have saved ₹1,127 crore or 9-10% of the total defrauded funds.

CEO of the Indian Cyber Coordination Centre (I4C) Rajesh Kumar stated at a press conference that 4.3 lakh victims have benefited thus far from the CFCFRMS and the ‘1930’ helpline. However, he acknowledged that many victims experience delays in receiving their defrauded funds back and stated that standard operating procedures would be addressed in the coming months to ensure timely restoration.

“Home Minister Amit Shah has requested that we formulate a solution for this particular aspect. Therefore, we consulted with the banks,” Kumar explained, adding that in accordance with a court order, the banks were willing to return the funds.

Drawing inspiration from the cases of Gujarat and Karnataka, where ex-parte orders for money restoration were issued by metropolitan magistrates and LokAdalats, respectively, in the event that the account owner who deposited the fraudulent funds failed to appear, the I4C CEO stated, “We have conducted legal consultations in the appropriate forum and developed standard operating procedures that are awaiting the final legal review.”

The 14C legislation empowers individuals to lodge criminal reports via the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal (NCRP). Kumar stated that 66,000 of the more than 31 lakh complaints that the portal has received thus far have been converted into FIRs. Daily averages were 5,000 complaints, of which 40 to 50 percent involved foreign actors, primarily from China, Cambodia, and Myanmar. The government, according to Kumar, is in contact with these nations.


The number of NCRP complaints increased by 61% from 9.66 lakh in 2022 to 15.6 lakh in 2023, a significantly smaller increase than the 113.7% increase between 2021 and 2022. In 2023, India experienced a cybercrime rate of 129 per lakh population, as reported by the NCRP. However, when considering the rate by state, Delhi exhibited the highest rate at 755, followed by Haryana (381), and Telangana (261).

Kumar stated that 35% of local-origin frauds were customer service, refund-based, and KYC expiration frauds, 24% were sextortion (mostly originating in the Mewat region), 22% were online booking frauds, 11% were AePS frauds and biometric duplication, and 8% were Android malware.

In addition to this, 38% of international frauds were associated with investment and task-based schemes, 23% with unauthorized loan applications, 21% with cryptocurrency and gaming fraud, 11% with romance hoaxes, and 7% with ransomware attacks.

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