India’s vision to become a Drone Global Hub in India by the year 2030

Global Hub of Drones By 2030

Well, we all think that videos created with the help of drones seem so awesome. Yet, due to many complicated rules & regulations, many creators don’t get full-fledged control over their imaginary and creative worlds to get a handful of amazing videos these creators need better rights and regulations.

There’s no doubt that the Indian Government has been strict towards these flying gadgets considering the country’s situation. But even though the government needs to put all those restrictions in favor of the safety of our confidentiality, they should lose some areas to let the creators polish their skills.

Due to this demand, the Indian government decided to give some leisure to some areas. Let’s see what happened and how things went.

VK Singh, (Minister), State for Civil Aviation, Rajya Sabha, Monday

“Replied to a query put on by MP Narhari Amin, Bharatiya Janata Party”

The government has taken the initiative to talk about a series of great measures for the “Global Hub of Drones” mission. They even took steps to introduce everyone to the Liberalized Drone Rules, on 25 Aug, 2021.

The production-Linked Incentive scheme was introduced on 30 Sep, 2021. Moreover, UAS Traffic Management Policy Framework was launched on 24 Oct, 2021.

The government freed 90% of Indian Airspace as a green zone for drones at a height limit of up to 400 feet. The Drone Airspace Map was uploaded on 24 Sep, 2021.

The day 26 Jan, 2022 there was the launch of the drone certification scheme. Moreover, on 1 Feb, 2022 the mission “Drone Shakti” was launched to lend a helping hand to Drone Startups. Here, promoting Drone-as-a-Service (DrAAS) was also included in the Union Budget.

After finishing the need for a Drone Pilot License, he said – The drone Rules (Amendment) were cleared on 11 Feb, 2022. Now a remote pilot certificate is issued by a Directorate General of Civil Aviation that is authorized by Remote Pilot Training Organizations. It’s pretty good for the remote pilot to control drones.

On 25 Aug, 2021, he said that according to him the Drone Rules are a beneficial and necessary regulatory framework for the public/ for the matter of commercial use of drones.

Drone Rules cover parts like:

  1. Certification
  2. Registration
  3. Operation of drones
  4. Airspace restrictions
  5. Research, development, and testing of drones
  6. Training and licensing
  7. Offenses, and penalties

After clearing doubts about these Rules (2021) he said – Each drone would need to be registered and must have a Unique Identification Number, in case it’s in general public custody. Drone for research, development, and testing purposes are some exceptions.

An Airspace Map is available on the Digital Sky Platform that separates the whole Airspace into three zones such as:

  • Red Zone
  • Green Zone
  • Yellow Zone

Flying drones in the Red and Yellow Zones needs the permission of the Central Government & the Air Traffic Control, respectively. Moreover, there’s no need for permission while flying drones in the Green Zone.

In a scenario, owners need to get certifications issued by DGCA that are needed. However, in this case, if it’s a nano or a model drone for the purpose of Research, and Recreation weighing up to 250 grams then there’s no need for such certifications.

The owner and the controller of the owner must present their personal details with Indian Passports for the validation of the registry/ licensing. DGCA will be responsible for authorizing the RPTO within specified time limitations.

Changes Indian Government Applied

The Union Agriculture Ministry posed a Monetary Grant Programme for the sales of Agricultural Drones on 22 Jan, 2022. On 26 Jan, 2021, application forms related to drone rules were created online on the Digital Sky Platform. On 9 Feb, a declaration of Drone Import Policy was made while supporting the import of drone components with a ban on foreign drones.

There were 27 RPTO authorized by DGCA till 20 July, 2022. From those 3 were stated in Gujrat, India:

  • Blue Ray Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kaushalya – The Skill University
  • Sanskardham Drone Academy

As you can see that our Indian Government is making big plans on growing digitally to stand more in the international competition, you can tell that there’s going to be a big change. Be Ready For More!

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