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The picture of a man with a rifle and wearing fatigues emerged on the screen as Israeli students were listening to their teacher through Zoom.

Another instance was a billboard in the Israeli city of Holon in the country’s center that displayed pictures of rockets and a burning Israeli flag.


Due to an increase in hacktivist activity brought on by the Gaza conflict, Israeli information security professionals have banded together to offer free cybersecurity services to Israeli businesses.

We were unable to independently confirm the occurrence at the school. Yossi Appleboum, the CEO of the cybersecurity firm Sepio, shared the screenshot.

Yossi Appleboum

He obtained the screenshot from a source who had direct access to the parents of the kids.


It had offered its assistance so that schools in Israel could continue working remotely after learning about the disturbance, and it was “deeply upset” to hear about it.

On Thursday morning, a video of the compromised billboard was first uploaded to the Telegram messaging app.

Check Point (CHKP.O), Israel-Based Cybersecurity Firm

One of at least two such public displays that had been compromised to add “pro-Hamas and anti-Israel content” was a billboard. The location of the footage was confirmed by Reuters to be Holon.

Israel’s computer sector is in transition, much like the rest of the nation, as many experts are being called to active duty. The transition has created fresh opportunities for mischief.

Unorganized hacktivists who claim to support the Palestinian people have made intrusion and sabotage attempts.

Although some websites have been taken offline and data has occasionally been stolen, the harm has been minimal so far.

Israeli IT expert Ohad Zaidenberg is in charge of a team of volunteers helping Israeli businesses that are being actively targeted.

Ohad Zaidenberg

“There is a sizable Israeli online community, and the mobilization is powerful and successful.”

Omri Segev Moyal, Chief Executive, Profero, Israeli Cybersecurity Firm

The volunteers’ leaders have set limits on members taking Hamas-targeting vigilance.

A few of the posts urging online retaliation against the Palestinian group had already been deleted by him.

Although he could see the sentiment that “people are crazy,” he thought vigilante action would backfire.

The relatives of one of the missing individuals had contacted Profero and asked him to hack into the victim’s phones and iCloud in an effort to find them.

“We refused,” he said. “We believe the victims will genuinely be harmed by it.”

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