Online Task Fraud

IT Professional Duped of ₹13.7 Lakh in Online Task Fraud

  • A senior IT consultant is duped into completing an online task fraud in Hinjewadi, India.
  • An astounding 13.7 lakh rupees are lost to cybercriminals who guarantee fast profits.
  • An unexpected communication presenting a daily salary of ₹ 2,500 was received by the victim.

Pune:  An unsuspecting senior consultant, aged 32, employed by a well-established IT firm in Hinjewadi, became entangled in a network of deceit and fraudulently acquired ₹ 13.7 lakh. Victims of this scheme capitalized on his naiveté and desire to generate income online. The events that transpired from October 26 to October 27 shocked the victim and placed the local authorities on high alert.

The Deceptive Offer

The enigma commenced on October 21, when an unsolicited text message was delivered to the victim from an unidentified number. Engineers were alleged to be employed by the sender, who also guaranteed a daily stipend of ₹ 2,500. The victim, who was in quest of supplementary income opportunities, was enticed into the scam’s trap by the enticing offer.

Online Tasks for Quick Profit

The victim received a phone call on October 25 from a woman who introduced herself as an employee of the opportunity, according to the Hinjewadi police. She provided him with instructions to accomplish online assignments that would grant him a daily commission.

On October 26, the victim conscientiously completed a sequence of online assignments and witnessed a shadow of success materialize in the form of increased profits. The individual’s eagerness was capitalized upon, as they proceeded to wire a significant amount of ₹ 5 lakh into the fraudulently provided account.

The Promise and the Trap

The woman on the other end of the line then assured the victim of a substantial refund of ₹ 13 lakh. Fueled by his initial triumph, he subsequently executed additional monetary transfers. Nevertheless, the scheme underwent a dark transformation when the con artists requested an extra ₹ 13.2 lakh from him. The victim attempted to withdraw ₹ 13.7 lakh after realizing he was in serious trouble; however, all communication with the con artists was abruptly severed.

The Hinjewadi police have commenced an inquiry into the subject and are assiduously striving to identify the individuals responsible for this fraudulent undertaking. The authorities are receiving assistance from cybercrime specialists in tracing the digital footprints that the offenders have left behind.

Warning to the Public

This occurrence serves as a poignant reminder of the escalating menace posed by online deception and scams. A multitude of comparable incidents have been documented throughout the nation in recent months, involving unsuspecting individuals who have fallen victim to the deceitful strategies implemented by cybercriminals.

It is strongly advised that members of the public exercise prudence when considering unsolicited messages and offers, particularly those that guarantee rapid and significant financial gains. It is of the utmost importance to authenticate such opportunities and abstain from disclosing personal and financial data to unidentified entities.

A 24-year-old woman from Thane, Maharashtra, was recently duped out of ₹5.24 lakh by sham actors posing as bank employees, according to a separate incident. This instance emphasizes the necessity for increased attentiveness and consciousness in order to counter the peril of cybercrime.

As the investigative processes persist in both instances, the victims maintain an aspiration for restitution and justice, while law enforcement agencies endeavor to apprehend the perpetrators and deter additional individuals from succumbing to these deceitful schemes.

Tips To Stay Safe from Online Task Scam:

  • Verify the Source,
  • Avoid Unsolicited Messages,
  • Question High Earnings,
  • Never Share Personal Info,
  • Secure Payment Methods,
  • Check for Red Flags,
  • Consult Trusted Sources,
  • Trust Your Instincts,
  • Report Suspected Scams,
  • Stay Informed, etc.

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