Cyber Attack on a huge community

20, Oct, 2021, Wed, Nicholas Burns, a candidate for the position of U.S. ambassador to China, talks before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Thursday, The Wall Street Journal.

Nicolas Burns’s email got hacked in a cyber attack executed by Chinese Adversaries with the U.S. Ambassador to China. This cyberattack has also targeted federal agencies involving – State and Commerce Departments.

Cyber Attack on a huge community

Spectators, Journal

Another target of this cyberattack was none other than Daniel Kritenbrink (Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia.)

State Department Spokesman, Journal

“Due to security concerns, we won’t be sharing more information about the nature and the scope of this cyberattack event at present.”

The Hill approached the State Department for their reaction to the situation right now!

This news follows the report provided by Microsoft, which was released in the past month and disclosed that the Chinese Hackers got access to the email A/cs of 25 organizations, including – Federal Agencies, to gather information from the U.S.


Storm-0558 (adversary) is determined to attack ruthlessly and collect data by accessing email systems.

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